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Publication: The Bridgeport Telegram i Location: Bridgeport, ConnecticutIssue Date: Wednesday, November 17, 1954Page: Page 31Start Ko tính tiền Trial

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THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, NOVEMBER 17. 1954 T H I K l t Paddy DeMarco Defends Title Against Carter Tonight Harvard Coach Reports Crimson ‘Up’ for Yale NEW HAVEN. Nov. 16– (AP Lloyd. Jordan, coach of Harvard’s footbaJl team indicated today that Harvard will be definitely “up” for its task of knocking Ya’le off the suring; its own place as 1954 Big Three champion on Saturday. Speaking to Connecticut spotts- vritera throukh an amplified telephone hookup which linked the Yale office of sports mfoimation with his own Cambridge office. Jordan said that all the pla’yen h« bag counted upon for this game will be ready to plav. barring anv injuries which might occur in this week’a drills. Yale Crippled The Harvard situation n quit* the opposite from Yale’s manpower problem where four men are definitely out of the climax came and four more will see but limited service. Commenting that he and his playera have a healthy lespcct for Yale regardless of injury reports. Jordan *aid that he still could see Blue football plavers of quality if not quantity on the squad. He foiecast quite a line battle for a , sell-out crowd of 40.000 to witness w h e n the two iivals meet st Cambridge for the “Ist game in a aeries which dates to 1875. The white-thatched Harvard mentor indicated that one of last year’s star* in Harvard’s upset 13-0 victory over the Elis. Dexter Lewis, a, halfback, may be in shape for the first time since he was halted with A lee pull early this season. I,eis. who plays wingback in Harvaid’s =msle wing system, will not sta-t the contest howeer. that chore w i l l co to Bob Cowles. another l u i g h t spot in the UD«et triumph. W i t h Cowles will be Jerry Maish at quarterback, sophomores Ant h o n y Gianclly «t fullback and M a t t Eotsfoid at Tailback. The Harvard coach welcomed Botsford’s return after missing the Pimceton. game since “he’ll give us a passer and an outside threat.” . He described Gianelly as “a finp hoy’ 1 whose development has been slow. “He has had to loam by experience because two other veteian fullbacks, Geoige MacDonald and Bill Volmcr, wen injured eaily in the year and were slow to get back into shape,” he said. Harvard will “start Bob Cochran, a finn receiver, at end ajong with Joe Ross. Orville Tice, ‘ a Woodbridge, Conn., graduate of New Haven Hillhouse, will be” in one of the tackle slots w i t h John Maher. Ca$t. Tim Anderson and’ Bill Meiga will flank starting center Art Painter. Admitting “respect” for the Bulldogs’ line,- Jordan promised an Interesting game. “After all,” he said, “it’s the game. It’a Yale and Harvard!” Yale In’ Light Drill NEW HAVEN, Nov. 16–What ·was left of th« Yale tootball squad went throtrgh, an extremely cautious practice session today, to open preparations, for th« most important gajne of the season on Satur- dav against Harvard. So bad is the injury situation-especially to key personnel–Head Coach Jordan Olivar called off practice yesterday and limited today’s dull to’an absolute minimum of liên hệ. The big problem is to find enough physically sound men to occupy the four bnckfield positions. Bob Brink, in spite of an injured groin is still being counted on for the q u a i t e i b a c k assignment. Ailing Phil Mathias, the only fullback even half ab’f. has also been tabbed for duty.-Dcnny McGill. hobbled since a flashy showing earlv in the season will take over nt right half for Jim Armstrong, a Princeton game casau’ty., In another moe dictated bv n»- ressity, Olivar “has elevated three junior varsity backs to the Blue squad. They are Bill Farley, a sophomoie who did not play freshman football last year: Ray Foote, a junior, and Bob O’Hearn, a sen- Crimton in ‘Closed’ Drill * CAMBRIDGE. Mass.. Nov. 16-(AP) Coach Lloyd Jordan held hi» stconU closed Harvard football practice aession of the week today and reported that “everybody worked out” in preparation for Saturday’s traditional clash with Y’ale at Harvard Stadium. Defensive and offensive full liên hệ scrimmages featured the two- hour drill, which wound up under t h » lights on Soldiers Field. Work against Ihe Eli attack also figured In the action. Jordan’s report that the entire squad worked mdicafd t h a t guard Bill Meig* and sophomore fullback Tony Gianelly. both of w h o m left the Brown ga’m» last Saturdav after only brief action, will be ready More Than 200 Attend St. Patrick’s Smoker Mere than 200- persons attended the annual smoker of the St. Patrick’s Holy Name society last night in. St. Patrick’s school hall. Principal speaker was Mel Allen, noted .radio and television sports announcer. James Burnett and William Kellogg were co-chairmen of the affair assisted by George Sherwood, Richard Kennedy, John TOPMIGHTS MEET IN REMATCH Long Island Boxer Is Rated Slight Favorite to Regain Crown Maloney, John Pmciaro. Joseph Micalizzi, A J « m Lacamacci and Robert Hennetty. John J. Mc- Guinets Jr.. was toastmaster. The PAL group provided the entertainment. By R i m – N E W L A N D ‘ SAN FRANCISCO. Nov.’16–(AP) World Lightweight’Champron Paddy He Marco makes the first de- fensp of his title here Wednesday night and.against the man he won ! it from last March–Jimmv Carter L BULLETS DEFEAT 110-107 NEW YORK, Nov. 16–(AP) The Baltimore Bullets frittered a w a y a 19-pomt lead but rallied in the final quarter to defeat the New York Knickerbockers, 110-107, tonight to set a new Madison Square Garden scoring record before a crowd of 6,110. In the opening game of the doubleheader, Dolph Schayes’ driving layup in the last four seconds of play gave the Syracuse Nationals an 86-85 t r i u m p h over the Philadelphia Warriors. Ken Murray, individual high scorer in the Baltimore-New York contest, registered 24 points for the Bullets and drew a rousing ovation ·when he connected for six out of six shots In the third quarter to keep the Knicks at bay after they had whittled Baltimore’s advantage to eight points. A ttfree-polnter by Dick McGuue brought New York to within two points in the final period and Nat Clifton tied the score at 103-103 with a minute and 50 seconds remaining in the game. Baltimore, which gained its first victory in its last seven starts, went ahead by three points again and after’ Carl Braun sank two ko tính tiền throws for the Knicks, field goals by Murray and Bob Houbregs, sandwiched around a basket by New York’s Harry Gallatin, gave the Bullets their winning margin. By netting 110 point’, Baltm-or” broke the highest single regulation total for a professional team at the Garden. The Knicks had to- talled 109 points on two previous occasions. BALTIMORE NEW YORK G F P i. in D- ‘.· 1 · .·. Ill n ii 11 ) 1 O F P f 2 – * P-rfliin t Klnt f o v ll ‘lurnir f 4 o s i . n l t i r l n f .’· Simmon* f f» “· -I 1 l.rlvxl’v f ” Htn» f . i n . ‘ f v i l i c : H’flrtrlMfn c ·« .1 1H C l i f t o n r 7 -· 10 N*»l c 0 n O i M C u I r ‘ t ‘ ‘· M r ·” 1″ 2″ Cook s ” 1 1 S’lrr e 7. 4 IS IlKfrhtirlU s h 4 >U Miirror I » fi “4′ 40 .”n no .-« ;* 10* Siof 1″- pfrl(Xl« Jtalllnmrc 2G .”..1 .”.’ 1(1–110 2.’. :MI .”,; r.i– in? Krcc t h r o w n I — Mnnhrr.-*. Kinc. Simmon* _*. H a n v . H*nlrirk«#’n “, ” . G u l l n t i n . Clifton 2. McGuIro Burrhtold 4. Ook I. 8TRACUSE ft F PHILADELPHIA F«rl»r f cmMir t K f n i l l l f f K»rr f Kmc f I l « T d r OMerkorn c Itochfl c II 0 0 A r l i l n t 11 n 4 R r r n n a n ( 2 4 Kl (“A»fIIo f n O O 1 T a t l » f 1 1′ I Klnn f 9 r, 21′ I,rarer c t f 2 Cr«bo»ki o ~ I 10, Johnston r fl s 241 shu* c .t 4 14 Xxxoltlk t 6 T t 2 1 5 ii o o J “. 1 I rh!liJflphl»_ 10 2» 2.’ 2:~’C 2.T 21 1!’ .HI–’-.’. rtrf thrown rnUntd–8jr«cu«: farter .’, 2. Finn 2. C»orr. Grbo«kl 2. John»ton 2. Ziwolitk :. WOODS SOFTBALL TEAM TO BE FETED TONIGHT V O L L E Y B A L L PLAYERS MEET A final meeting.and practice *i»- «lon for all pl«crs who desire to play in the Stratford Old Timers Volleyball league is *et for tonight at 8 o’clock in the Stratford High school gym. The Springwood A. A. Softball team will be feted at a sports dinner tonight at 7 o’clock in the clubrooms. 12M Pembroke street. Managed by John Esteck the Springwood combine enjoyed one of its most successful seasons in years compiling a record of 15 wins against five setbacks. A highlight of the evening will be the presentation of trophies to individual playera by Athletic Di actor Frank Maeey. Speakers include: Dom Saccsr- do, club president; Mill Hutico. Steve Sherman and “Bubsie? Robstock. . Players to be honored are: Johnny Soltis, Mike Moycik, Pat Boni. Joe Beni. Stave Pecor, Ed Glovaski. Jack Fmnell, Mike-Fe* kete. Den Budde, Tommy Meath, George Kasper, Al (Fireman) Bike. “Mooch” Anjerki, Bill Cullen and John Roddy. of South Ozone N. Y. The 15-tound fight has been postponed twice It was scheduled for San Francisco’s huge Cow Palace last June 2 and called off w h e n DP Marco developed a-irus infection. It was rescheduled for Sept. 22 and agnin postponed’when the champ s u f f e i e d an injury to his left hand. A calcium deposit the trouble. Bout Will Be Televised The bout w i l l be televised na- tionallv. except for a local blackout, over CBS-TV. It will start at 7 p. m. PST. De ^faico capped .an eight-ear caieer when he. won the title from Carter last M a i c h 5 in Now York. The 24-year-old Brooklyn belter gained the unanimous decision of the refcice ‘ and two Judges. In New York fights are scored bv rounds. Tomorrow niKht’s fight will be liidgcd under trio California scoring system of 11 points to theround. An even round is called 5 1-2-5 1-2.

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While De Marco hasn’t fought since hf won the unanimous decision for the title, his training here has been rigorous and steady. He’s at the peak of physical condition. He s boxed more t h a n 60 rounds against strong opposition. Ringside veterans, however, are stringing; w i t h Carter to . r,egain the title. The former’ight kingpin, who will be 31 next month, has been to the post three tunes this year. Carter stopped Charley Rilev. in St. Louis last June; beat Glen Flanagan last August in .Chicago and outpointed Freddie Herman in San Francisco in September. When he lost the tuMe to DeMarco nearly nine months ago. Carter blamed himself for taking- Paddy too cheaply. He thought he could coast in the early part. This time he says hft wjjl b^e, pitching from tho opcnihg”ht T)’ He ttllrtks” he- may by a krtockout. The former champ has more than 100 founds of boxing behind Iri preparation for his attempt to regain the title ; Won Title In 1951 Car’ter first’won the title .ri 1951 when he stopped Ike William*. He lost it to Lauro Salas of Mexico ir- May. 1952, hut in a return go in October of the same year defeated Salas in Chicago, ‘ to regain the crown. If Carter beats DeMarco he M-fl’l become the first to regain the title twic*. Its a big gamble but the ex- champ is confident he ca.n~turn the trick. ‘ ‘ , . ‘ · – . “I’ve b’een-‘lookmg foAvard’to”£h1s rematch for a long time,” he said. “I’m In the best of shape and I believe I can win the title back. I fought DeMarco the wrong way in our first fight. This time I’ll start belting when the first round gets under way.” Carter has had 93 ‘fights, winning 5*. losing 17 and- boxing eight draws. He’s Kayoed. 2ft opponents. r DcMarco overall record of 82 bouts includes 6^ wins: H defeats and two draws. .He has knocked out seven rivals. ONE BALL PiN TOURNEY’ AT BLACK .ROCK. ALLEYS The Black Rock Bowling allrvs will stage a on^-ball tournament Saturdav and Sunday. Thp entry fpp is $250 and a first prize of $40 Is guaranteed. Titles, Bowl Bids Hinge on Games Saturday Bob Davenport L’.C.L.A. HOLYOKE. Mass. Xov 16-Bobby Courchesne. 129. of Holyofc*. battered Bobby U caver. IM. of Haitford. Conn., w i t h a heavy a t t a c k tonight and -scoted a n u a l Knockout at 2:27 of the f , l o u n d of their scheduled feature > eight-rounder at Valley Aiena. Referee Joe Cashman stopped It i a f t e r Couuhesne spun Weaver In, to the t o p e s with a terrific upperout in the f i f t h . It was Courchesne’ 30th victory aeamst only t h t c p losses and a diaw. Othet results. Billy Clark. 130, ‘. Westfield. knocked out Rocky ‘ Ramo”v l.’l. Providence. R . I . the tlnul l o u n d ( 6 . Segundo I rz. 124 1-2. New York, outpointed , George Stcphanv. 123 3-4, Brooklyn (6): G c t r y Tcsa-ier. 1C3. Spruijrfioid. outpointed Johnny Cox. 164. New Y o i k ( 4 . J l m m v Relish, Y o t k , knocked out Jamc-s John- I ston. 187. Westovcr AFB. in the i t h i r d lound ( 4 . ‘ Brown Stop* E u b a n k s | CHICAGO. Nov. 16– U P John; ny Brown of Chicago scored a fourth-round technical knockout tonight oet Putsburc weltcrweicht J o h n n v Euhanks at the Marigold Gardens. Brown, who wa.s leading on points, sent Eubanks to the pan- vas in the closing sooond.s of the t h i r d round The bell saed tho glassy-eyed PHtsburgJici. but Dr. l i v i n g Slott refused’ to let him come out for thp next round It w n s Brown’s 15th win acainr’ 10 defeat– HP weighed 147 pounds to 146 1-2 for Eubanks COUNTY MERCANTILE 585 LEAGUE Eddie Vincent Iowa Don Schacfcr Notre Dame Fred Bacr Michigan Bobby Watklnt Ohio State Collegiate football season sings its swan tuy vậy, with the exception of scattered games, on the last football Saturday with i m p o r t a n t Conference struggles h i g h l i g h t i n g the action. H e a d i n g the slat* are the meetings of Ohio State and M i c h i g a n xt Columbus, Ohio, and the clash of Southern C a l i f o r n i a and U.C.L.A. in Lo$ Angeles. Other i m p o r t a n t games l i n k Oklahoma and Nebraska, Southern Methodist and Baylor, Iowa and Notre Dame and Pitt and Penn State. Thp Univeisity of Bridgeport football team will conclude one of its worst -seasons Saturday after- ixoon when it meets the Quonset Point Naval Air Station eleven In Candlclita Stadium. The Flyers have had almost as disappointing a season as the local olpvpn w i n n i n g their ftpenmg tussle then dropping five whilft tying two. The Purple Knights have suffered eight straight defeats and will be. out to dent-the w i n column. Both Lost to AIC The only mutual opponent on the schedules this year was American International college, with the Bay Stators whitewashing both clubs, downing the Flyers 34-0 and s w a m p i n g Bridgeport 60-0 The Rhode Island aggregation features 9. “split-T” attack with options, centering t h e i r offense around Larry Brill a fleet footed halfback. Coach John O’Donnell also counts heavily on his forward wall that average,-! well over 200 pounds ppr man. Walt Kondratovich, Bridgeport mcntbr. received some good news yesterday to counteract the loss of Harold Trischman for Saturday’? clash, when he learned that Joe Marrucco will be available for duty In tho fray. Marrucco. who has been playing right halfback throughout thp season shifted to the quarterback slot in la–t week’s game against Wilkes and / until h,p was forced to leave the game because of an ankle Injury, had th(» club eating up large bits of real-estate. In picking ^ip 20 yards on the ground against the Colonels. Mar- tucco movpd into second place In STRATFORD CAGE LOOP TO ORGANIZE TONIGHT CITT RECREATION” XCACCX T r a m ‘ S U n d i n K t j l).itlr ,V M i i r l i n .. .. A final organizational meeting of thp Stratford Senior Recreation Basketball league will t a k e place I tonight at 8:30 o’clock in thp offi.-p of the St t a t ford High school gyro. All teams interested mu*t be -represented W ‘.^i 19 SENIOR GOLF SLATE ‘ ‘ l t l ‘ » «rr|. · I Cr»H M..I-. InH. «ln;l» M u m l n i Inrt lotnl. H»rl,!-i T*nni toinl. M n d l o ^ n 1v 1’. n n in J” 1 Tomtht’t Matches Jfe Murlln i s ‘Park Otj- sp DrnUp I WOODBRIDGE. Nov IS– AP ‘ T h ^ Connpcticut State S»nlorn Golf I Assn. todav listed six tournaments 1 for the 1955 season. Gro?s scores I turned In at Wet Burn and Shuttle 1 M^dow rliihs w i l l «|pf*rmln* 1h** JCSSGA champion. Tho sched-o!?; May 13. New Haven Country club: June 9, ‘ff Burn Country club; July 14. Manchpster Country club: Aug. 11, Shuttle Meadow club; Sept. 1. Wampanoag Country club, and Sept. 24. Oyster i Harbors club, Ostprvllle, Mass. LIHLE SPORT By Rouion :he rushinc d e p a i l m r n t on the club with a total of 90 yards in 30 car- no”. He has also completed the only pass he has thrown for a gain of 42 ards. With action, Dick Fresolone ready for a f t e r being sidelined last w r o k . “Kay” ill have his. squad at neat top M i e n g t h w i t h onlv Tusch- man missing from among the reg- ulai. The skippct .vent the vquad t h t o u g h a llcht w o i k o u t yestctday aftornoon to keep any of the minoi t u » K«cord Art « r^nnrii. tlnn H f t n t l r A. I l K r n i o n Lt»tu« Rtcordt s from tightening np nnd has rpuni «inck A r t . planned a two hour full dip’-s | |J,”, I”^J|, nnVw”, scrlmmagp for today. The club will probably go t h t o u g h :n limn : n- a hplf scilmmage d i l l l Thutsday and taper off Friday with exeicises and pass defense drills. IT T Ml ^ ^ Am* « J J K r l * “Tallcin’ Turkey, your best buy is WILSON -THAT’S ALL” H U N T E R ^ W I I S O N C O M P A N Y , t B A L T I M O R E , ? M 0 . t B L E N D E O . . W H I S K E Y A 8 S , ? R O O F . * 7 2 * G R A I N

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