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nhật bản has a wide variety of intriguing terms that are used to emphasize a certain type of action (Kabedon), or a sound that something creates (ピ-プ – the sound from a police siren) and so we figured it would be a great idea to discuss the meaning of Tsukkomi. While the term generally refers to humor with regards to anime, Tsukkomi (突っ込み ) stems from “Owari”, which refers to Japanese style comedy. The Tsukkomi character is usually played by a very serious straightforward individual, who uses very dry humor to criticize verbally and abuse the “Boke” who is seen more as the more spontaneous of the two. One great Television example is the Japanese comedy duo of Summers, which consist of Kazuki Ootake as the Boke, while Masakazu Mimura plays the Tsukkomi role. There are a great list of anime that closely resemble this tag team type of comedy, so let us hop right into the action and look into the world of Tsukkomi.

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Whenever you tune into your favorite show, there”s always likely to be a scene where you burst out in laughter because two people just go back and forth with each other. Insults are thrown, fists go flying, and someone gets hit on the head for their foolish antics. This is the pure essence of Tsukkomi, where humor is shared between two individuals, who both display two types of comedy. On one hand, you have the more direct and hard hitting humor, and on the other you have someone who acts aloof and somehow gets away with everything. This spectacular teamwork is what creates the rib splitting laughter in many anime because, you”re getting the best of both comedy worlds in one package. There”s never a dull moment since every scene is filled with some random sự kiện that has both characters picking on each other for attention.

One fantastic example that we”d lượt thích to share first is the extremely funny anime called Lovely Complex. This anime demonstrates what Tsukkomi means as two people are in constant bickering over the most unusual things, which makes you laugh so much because of how much we can relate to everything that”s happening throughout the series.

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Lovely Complex


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Episodes: 12Aired: Aired: October 5, 2015 – December 21, 2015

One Punch Man bleeds Tsukkomi in every way since you have two characters who are always constantly bickering about something which always has some random outcome. One Punch Man follows Saitama, who started off as your typical salaryman, but was having none of it since his true purpose was to be a hero. Through this determination he became the One Punch Man, who is able to destroy any foe with just one powerful blow. He comes across a cyborg named Genos who decides to tag alongside Saitama as his student, while the two fight to save humanity from evil.

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One Punch Man is full of humor at every corner, not just between Saitama and Genos, but every interaction Saitama has with an enemy. Tsukkomi just flows naturally throughout the entire series, as you always see random encounters where Saitama throws punches at his foe in a very dry manner, while his opponent rapidly fires back with their own funny rebuttal. This, of course, leads Saitama to obliterat his opponent, but not before we all laugh at his stoic appearance and straightforward punchlines. Genos adds more of the relaxed humor as he tends to be a little air headed at times, which usually gets him into trouble. This nice subtle balance is what really creates a nice environment and honestly makes the action that much more satisfying.

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