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What Does Turmoil Meaning – Turmoil Definition And Meaning

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‘he endured years of inner turmoil’‘His party piece is inner turmoil, and he does brooding intensity better than just about anyone.’‘Every muscle is blown up out of proportion, yet there is no hint of inner conflict or turmoil.’‘Sitting on his bed, he felt inner turmoil about it again as he did on countless occasions.’‘The redhead looked up and saw in Begbie”s eyes an echo of his own inner turmoil.’‘Devoting seven years of one”s life to something lượt thích this brings its own inner turmoil.’‘He”s forceful and intimidating when necessary, but also convincingly conveys the character”s inner turmoils and uncertainties.’‘He would lie awake, his mind in turmoil, too active with the words of the professor.’‘As a result of these factors there is a strong possibility of some kind of financial turmoil over the coming years.’‘Far from bringing relief from emotional turmoil, success only made it worse.’‘Would an American recession inevitably plunge the rest of the globe into fresh economic turmoil?’‘Dunfermline are a club still suffering the aftershocks of financial turmoil.’‘It was a society in turmoil, one that resented its own fate and was trying to come to grips with it all.’‘The announcement came at a time when the stock markets around the world were in turmoil.’‘The decision about what to do next with Milosevic threw the Yugoslav government into turmoil.’‘He believes they can survive even the current turmoil afflicting agriculture.’‘At the time it was painted, the Highlands were in a state of social turmoil.’‘His behaviour was totally out of character when he was in emotional turmoil.’‘The recent turmoil in the US energy market has created a unique opportunity for the new firm.’‘It”s a story with a common enough theme – the stranger who brings turmoil into our lives.’


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