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What Does Convert Dynamic Disk To Basic Without Losing Data, Change A Dynamic Disk Back To A Basic Disk – viettingame

Should I convert to Dynamic disk? The article will give you the best advice to weigh pros and cons of dynamic disk, and show you how to convert basic disk to dynamic without losing data.

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Then follow the prompted information to convert.

Some limitation of Disk Management that you should be aware of: If you want toconvert dynamic disk to basic disk, the option Convert toBasic Disk is greyed out sometimes. In order to convert dynamic tobasic disk , you have to delete all the partitions on dynamic disk. Thus, all thedata will be wiped out or have to be backed up to other locations. It’s an annoyingthing and time-consuming.

AOMEI Partitoin Assistant Professional

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is more reliable and flexible way to convert disk between basic and dynamic without losing data. It’s a comprehensive and powerful dynamic or basic disks and dynamic volumes management software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

It allows you to resize, extend, shrink, create, and deletedynamic volumes. You could move volume slice, and add drive to RAID, etc. Just a fewclicks to convert to dynamic disk via its built-in tool, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager, refer to thesetext after downloading it:

Important: Please backup all the data on your basic disk in caseyour data lost because of some unexpected things.

1. Install and fire up AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, nhấp chuột Dynamic Disk to access its Dynamic Disk Manager wizard. Right nhấp chuột the basic disk that you want toconvert, choose Convert to Dynamic Disk.

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2. Tick the Basic disk (Disk 2), and then hit OK.


3. View the change of Basic disk, press Commit to convert to Dynamicdisk.


4. Press Proceed to commit the pending operation of converting Basicto Dynamic disk.


5. Then you will see the task progress is completed after few seconds.

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Tip: The operation could not erase your data on basic disk.

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