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Only at BVIS will your child experience a unique bilingual international curriculum, enhanced by collaborations with world-leading organisations such as MIT, Juilliard and UNICEF.

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We bring the best out of our students because we give them world-leading teachers: each one holds a highly regarded international teaching qualification, and a majority also have post-graduate qualifications. As a Nord Anglia Education school, we also invest in unique professional development opportunities for our staff, which enables them to give every child a personalised learning experience –to be the very best that they can possibly be.


Application Stage

A non-refundable Application Fee of 3,500,000 VND is payable upon submission of an Application Form to the school. This fee is to cover the administrative costs of each application.


Enrolment Stage

A non-refundable Registration Fee of 47,200,000VND is payable when the offer of a school place is accepted by parents. The Registration Fee is paid only once and guarantees the place for the student. The acceptance of a school place is not confirmed until the Registration Fee has been paid.

The Registration Fee for the Foundation Stage is 23,600,000 VND. When a child moves from the Foundation Stage to the Primary school (F3 to Y1) the difference in Registration Fee at the time of enrolment will be payable.

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A payment of 35,400,000VND per child is required as a Security Deposit when the child joins the school. This deposit will be refunded when the child leaves the school provided 90 calendar days’ notice is given in writing to the school. If parents do not submit the Withdrawal Notification Form to the school 90 days before the student’s last school day, then the school has no obligation to return the deposit.

98% of parents say that our school provides a stimulating learning environment.Parent Satisfaction Survey 2020
Tuition Fees

Please insert your child’s date of birth in the box below to identify the year group (grade) they would enter this year and the tuition fees we would charge. All fees are in Vietnamese Dong.


The Application Fee covers the administrative cost of the assessment our teachers will undertake with your child. With almost 1000 enquiries for school places each year, it also allows us to identify those parents who are most committed to sending their children to our school.

From the moment a parent first makes liên hệ with the school to the point when we offer their child a place at the school should take no more than two weeks. It really depends on how quickly parents wish to apply.

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Good international schools recruit foreign teachers from overseas, which is an expensive and time-consuming process. This recruitment process starts in January each year so that we can secure the best available teachers. A considerable early financial investment is made in the teaching staff and we need a measure of commitment from parents that their children will still be with us for next academic year. This is the purpose of the 90 days-notice for the security deposit. The loss of this deposit is to offset any financial outlay made in recruiting additional staff for the coming academic year only to find that parents have withdrawn children with little or no notice. The use of a deposit in this way is standard and accepted practice in international schools around the world.

Our tuition fee includes:

Tuition feeEAL/VAL TuitionLearning MaterialsSchool TripsExtra-curricular Programme ECAsCateringUniformMedicalExamination Fees

Possible additional charges:

Individual music lessonsPaid ECAsVoluntary tripsSchool bus

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