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Total Conquest 2 – Total Conquest: Review Of Guides And trò chơi Secrets


Where can I see the list of achievements? Nhấp chuột on the achievements icon in the main interface of the game (icon in the form of a golden flag).

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How to see your rating? Nhấp chuột on the icon of the list of the best players in the main interface of the game (icon in the form of a golden cup and a laurel crown).

How to gain experience and level up? You gain experience by performing various actions during the game, as well as completing tasks in chiến dịch mode.

How long can I play without making any purchases for real money? There are no restrictions in the game; you can play without making any purchases. You can get tokens for ko tính tiền by performing certain actions in the game. Your progress in the game is limited only by your skills.

How does the game pick my opponents? At first, the game system finds players with the same town hall level as the attacker. Among all these players, the game selects the one whose score is as close as possible to the attacker’s account. If the selected player cannot be attacked at the moment (he has a shield from attacks or this player has already fought with the attacker in the last 20 battles), the system selects the next player on the list of accounts, etc. If the game fails to find players with a suitable score, the system will return to the stage of selection by the level of the town hall.

I completed several tasks, but my level did not increase. Each of these tasks refers to the tasks of the “boss”, you must destroy the enemy town hall to go to the next level.

I left the soldiers in the garrison, but during the next attack they did not defend the province.What happened? Your defenders repelled a previous attack. If the soldiers of their garrison repel one attack, you lose them, and the garrison again needs to be replenished.

How to give soldiers an order after their squad is deployed on the battlefield? You cannot give direct orders to soldiers; you can only place certain units in certain places. Each of the units behaves in its own way; you can read their detailed description in the window for describing or improving the unit.


Is it possible to improve several buildings at the same time? No. This function is only available for walls at this point.

How to move several buildings at the same time? Here’s how:

Nhấp chuột on the building in the game.Nhấp chuột the “Change” icon that appears at the bottom of the screen.Select the building you want to move.Nhấp chuột on the Move icon or press and hold any of the selected buildings to activate the movement.Move the selected building to the desired position, and only then release it.Having placed all the buildings as you lượt thích, nhấp chuột on the “Move” icon to return to viewing the Province.

Hint: You can rotate multiple walls at once. To do this, select several walls, nhấp chuột the “Change” icon, then the “Rotate” icon.

Is it possible to improve several walls at the same time? If so, how to do it? Yes, it’s possible, lượt thích this:

Nhấp chuột on any wall that connects to another wall.Nhấp chuột the Row icon to select all the walls in that row.Nhấp chuột the Improve icon.Nhấp chuột the “OK” or “Cancel” icon, depending on whether you agree with the price or not.

Hint: Nhấp chuột the Row icon again and again to select a different row of walls.

Do I need to stay in the game while building, upgrading or mining food and gold? No, all these actions will continue to be performed at the same speed, even if you exit the game.

I just can’t complete the difficult task in chiến dịch mode. What to do? – Try different tactics and combinations of units. There is no single strategy in the game. – Try to use potions to give your troops an advantage during the battle. – If you still fail to complete the mission, be patient. Grow your province further, upgrade your squads or hire new ones, and then try to complete the task again.

Can I sell or demolish buildings in my province? Not. After the building is completed, you can no longer remove it from the map. However, you can cancel the construction or improvement of any building while it lasts.In this case, construction or improvement costs are partially reimbursed.


What happens if a connection break occurs during a battle? If you exit the game or lose liên hệ with the server during the attack, the game will perceive this as a retreat. You will save all the units that have not yet entered the battlefield, and win or lose depending on how many stars you managed to earn before breaking the connection.

How long does the defense against attacks last after an enemy raid? If your province is sacked (i.e. the attacker received one or more stars), your province will become invulnerable. The time of such invulnerability depends on how much damage the raiders managed to do:

0% to 25% damage – your province is invulnerable for the next 8 hours.26% to 75% damage – your province is invulnerable for the next 12 hours.from 76% to 100% damage – your province is invulnerable in the next 16 hours.

Can attackers steal my resources? An attacker can steal no more than 30% of your resources during an attack. However, remember that after the raid, the province will be invulnerable only for some time. Therefore, you can lose all your resources if you do not enter the game for a very long time.

If my buildings are destroyed as a result of an enemy attack, will I have to spend resources on their restoration? Not. Destroyed buildings will be restored the next time you enter the game. Recovery will only take a few seconds and will not cost you a single coin.

Is a series of victories reset if I am attacked? Protecting the province does not affect your series of victories. Only the attacks that you initiated are counted.

How to open the barracks of the gods? This new building will be available at level 6 of the City Hall.

Why should I open the Barracks of the Gods if there is only one unit available? So far, only two units are available there, but they are very strong. Moreover, in the new builds it is planned to add other soldiers to this building.

Who are the guards, how do they differ from other warriors?

1. In the province: guardians are immortal beings who are invoked forever. However, if the guards take damage, they need some time to recover. When the guard recovers, he turns into a motionless statue on a pedestal. You can skip the recovery time by clicking on the “Skip recovery” icon that appears when the statue is selected.

2. In battle: guards can be ordered to attack the building by clicking on this building. You can switch goals at any time. To switch goals, just nhấp chuột on another building.


Why ragweed? Ambrosia is a new resource introduced in the fifth update. You can get ragweed from the Tree of Life or stealing from other players. If you want to store more ragweed, build the Ambrosia Vault or upgrade an existing building. The main function of ragweed is to train mythical creatures and revitalize the Sentinels.

Is there a way to make the Tree of Life produce Ambrosia faster? Yes there is. Select the building, nhấp chuột on the “Improve” icon. You will see the “Improving Production” section. To increase the continuous production of Ambrosia, select one of the two options – “x2” or “x3”.

Warrior training is progressing too slowly. How can you speed up your workout? The only way to do this is to use the Acceleration, which is in update 6. Using this feature will speed up the training of warriors 3 times in 1 hour. Select the barracks, nhấp chuột on the icon “Acceleration” – and you’re done.

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What is the Conquest regime, and how does it work? The goal of the Conquest is to conquer as many territories as possible. Attack your neighbors so that by the end of the 3rd day your team will have the highest number of Conquest points. With each of your successful attacks, the number of stars you receive will be subtracted from the defense of the attacked territory. The territory goes to the team that dealt a decisive blow to it, reducing the defense to zero.

I see enemy territory on the map, but I can’t attack it. Why? The territory you are trying to attack is most likely the capital of another player. In this territory, the player started the game, and it is impossible to take it away.

How is a territory that has lost protection points restored? Neutral territories restore 1 defense point every 2 hours. Territories under the control of the player must be restored manually. Without taking the time to restore protection, the player is likely to lose both her and her bonuses in favor of the invader.

Why improve the territory? The territories under your authority can and should be improved so that it is harder for the enemy to capture them. Improvements are reset every time a territory is captured, so the enemy will get it empty anyway, and it will be easier for you to recapture it.

Who is the Guardian of Faith? Guardian of Faith is a gift to the player for the glory of Faith, the goddess of devotion and trust. This is an extremely resistant mobile defensive structure with limited maneuverability and range.


How to use the Guardians of Faith? Faith Guard only works if one of your friends has logged in to the app within the last 7 days. The more friends, the better your Guard in battle, as his coolant and recovery time increase.

My Guard stopped during the pursuit of the enemy. This is mistake? The guard will chase the enemy to a distance that you have identified with a dashed circle during your selection in the Province.

Can I transfer saved games between iOS and Android devices? Not.

Can I transfer my progress to another device? It is possible to restore your progress in the game after reinstalling the game or replacing the device. To do this, you just need to install the application on the device and enter the social network under the same credentials that were used when downloading the progress earlier.However, keep in mind that this method only works within the same platform (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 8).

Can I have multiple accounts at the same time? Yes, you can, but it is highly recommended that you use only 1 account per device. Incorrect use of the save function in the cloud can lead to the loss of game data.

How to completely turn off the sound? Sound is turned off in the settings menu: Nhấp chuột on the “Settings” icon, then select “Sound Settings”. Move the volume control to 0. In addition, you can separately turn off only sound effects or only music using the corresponding controls.

How to adjust the volume of music or sound effects? The volume of music or effects is adjusted in the settings menu: Nhấp chuột on the “Settings” icon, then select “Sound Settings”. Select the desired control and adjust the sound as you need.

How to change the language of the game? The game language is configured in the settings menu: Nhấp chuột on the “Settings” icon, then select “Language”. Nhấp chuột on the flag corresponding to the desired language.

Can I change the name of the player? You can change the name only once at the first start of the game. After that, your name will only change if you log in to trò chơi Center or Facebook (the player’s name will change to the name indicated on the social network). If you connect to both networks, the name indicated on Facebook takes precedence.


Can I play on multiple devices? Of course! You just need to log in through the social network. After that, enter the game through the same social network account on the new device, and you can continue your saved game.

The game crashes. What to do in this case? (Trực tuyến games, Android) Make sure that your device is not root, and that the operating system and version of the game are updated. If the device is root, restore the original firmware. If the game still crashes at launch or some time after launch, we offer you one of the following solutions. Ko tính phí up the device’s RAM for the game (go to Applicationsvàgt; Runningvàgt; Stop). If the game crashes anyway, try restarting the device. You can perform a partial reboot by pulling out the battery and inserting it back in a minute (sometimes this helps to fix problems such as crashes of applications without deleting data from the device). If the problem persists, remove the game from the device and tải về it again. Please note that all game files will be deleted. They will be impossible to recover. To tải về game data to the device again, connect to the same account (Facebook, trò chơi Center, Gameloft LIVE! And others.)

The game crashes. What to do in this case? (Trực tuyến games, iOS) Make sure your operating system and version of the game are updated. If the game still crashes at launch or some time after launch, we offer you one of the following solutions. First, try to perform a partial reboot: hold the lock button located at the top of the device for several seconds, when the shutdown message appears, turn off the device. If this doesn’t help, complete a full reboot: hold the lock button and the trang chủ button for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo. Ignore the shutdown message and continue to hold the buttons down. This method involves a more complete reboot. If both methods do not work, try deleting the game from your device and downloading it again. To tải về game data to the device again, connect to the same account (Facebook, trò chơi Center, Gameloft LIVE! And others.)

How to earn tokens? There are several ways to earn tokens:

Discovering achievements.Leveling up.Removing objects such as statues, trees and logs from the province.Tokens can also be bought by clicking on the gray “+” sign at the top of the screen next to the counter of the tokens.


How to buy tokens?

Nhấp chuột the gray “+” sign at the top of the screen next to the counter of the tokens.Select the desired number of tokens.Enter your Apple ID, then password.

How to buy tokens?

Nhấp chuột the gray “+” sign at the top of the screen next to the counter of the tokens.Select the desired number of tokens.Enter your Google ID, then password.

Can I transfer tokens to another player? No, tokens cannot be transferred to other players.

Can attackers steal my tokens? No, under any circumstances.

What are the benefits of transferring resources to the legion? By transferring resources to the legion, you gradually increase its level. The higher the level of the legion, the more players will be able to join it. With each level of the Legion, 10 more players can join it.

What titles can a legion player have and how to get them? List of titles in increasing order: plebeian, minister, censor, consul, emperor and lord. In the legion there can be one sovereign, one emperor, two consuls and 4 ministers. All other players receive the title of plebeians. Your status can be upgraded if you regularly transfer resources to the legion. The more you donate, the higher your potential title.

The lord of the legion cannot be removed. As the founder of the legion, he forever remains the lord. The player who donated the most resources to the legion receives the title of emperor. Players who take second and third places in terms of the number of donations become consuls, etc.


I want to join the Legion, but I don’t see the Join button anywhere. Apparently, you want to join the Legion, access to which is possible only by invitation. In this case, you must liên hệ the Legion Commander outside the game and ask to be accepted.

Despite the fact that I have friends in the game, my Guard is sleeping or still very weak to defend the Province. What is the problem? Your Province was attacked while you were not in the game, and your guard suffered damage. Now he needs time to recover. The more friends, the faster the recovery process.

Can I play with friends using other platforms? Unfortunately, the game does not tư vấn cross-platform use. This means that players using one of the platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows 8) cannot play with players using another platform.

What is the Promotion? Promotion – limited in time and duration of the test for different purposes. Their duration varies from several days to several weeks, or even more; Assignments range from demolishing buildings to transferring units.

How to take part in the Promotion? You can take part in the Promotion by clicking on the image of the cup with a stopwatch above it, on the left side of the screen.

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What do you need to win the Promotion? Stocks are limited in time and differ in purpose. Complete the task in the allotted time to receive a reward. The better your results, the greater the reward!

What rewards can I get for winning the Promotion? For winning the Promotion, you can get two types of awards:

“Rewards for the Share” are given upon achievement of at least one of the three objectives of the Promotion. The better you completed the main task, the greater will be your reward!”Rewards for ratings” are given to the best players who participated in the Promotions. They are divided according to the results of each player. The higher the place, the higher the reward.

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