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‘students perform in hospitals, thereby gaining a deeper awareness of the therapeutic power of music’
‘One of the functions of humour is to point this out – and thereby reassure us.’‘He kept the man alive until the ambulance arrived, thereby saving his life.’‘Others believe that God inspired human beings to write it, thereby allowing errors to creep in.’‘The woodland has changed hands and the new owner is planning to fence it off, thereby denying me access to my club.’‘I think this was a deliberate ploy to muffle the sound of my clock radio, thereby ensuring my lateness.’‘But he is the kind of critic who can hear the difference and thereby help us hear it too.’‘Instead, she became a professional patient, and thereby lost both husband and career.’‘Most cyclists are considerate and thereby enhance their own safety and that of others on the road.’‘Note that if the experiences are common, so is the knowledge thereby acquired.’‘Unions often rely on volunteers to administrate, thereby keeping costs at a minimum.’‘This is due to ignorant motorists who fail to stop and thereby put the lives of her and the children at risk.’‘Many directors are aware that they can film too much and thereby make editing a chore.’‘Congratulations for your vigilance in watching the government and thereby protecting us all.’‘Economics is thereby subordinated to the political structure of the international system.’‘He took swift and firm action, thereby saving the life of the future president of the Chinese Republic.’‘This they point out is clearly a western influence and thereby alien to Indian culture.’‘The government has also eased labour laws, thereby making it easier for companies to lay off workers.’‘The amount of work that can be is thereby increased.’‘While this is commendably humble, it is also a pity that the reader is thereby deprived of the bigger picture.’‘He thereby shows too that it is those who see feuds and vengeance as important who are the world”s real enemies.’


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thereby hangs a tale

Used to indicate that there is more to say about something.

‘For some reason (and thereby hangs a tale), I decided to write the application in Brazilian Portuguese.’

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‘Venus has no satellites, and thereby hangs a tale.’‘It is finally being published in the magazine”s current edition, more than a century late, and thereby hangs a tale.’

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