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Introducing: The Survivalists


Kiểm tra out our new game in the Escapists Universe: The Survivalists

Just Updated

Snow Way Out Available Now!


Prepare for a frosty reception in the North Pole this year – in this không tính tiền festive Escapists 2 update you’ll be having a woeful Christmas time.


Rumours have been circulating that since becoming a .com millionaire Santa’s a little past his prime, and his booming trực tuyến empire has replaced all joy and cheer with cold hard cash and a regime of fear. The grotto’s become a warehouse and the elves have all been replaced by robots, with one exception – you!


Santa’s firmly keeping the work in workshop this Christmas with a list of new jobs to keep you busy while incarcerated. The reindeers need feeding, Christmas lists need incinerating and you’re just the elf to do it. Faced with a lifetime of hard labour, it’s time to plan your next daring escape and earn your festive freedom.


You’ve been put in the nick by St. Nick, have you got what it takes or is there Snow Way Out?

Just Updated


Festive fun in không tính tiền Santa’s Shakedown update

Deck the cells with bars and escape attempts! Christmas has come early in the latest không tính tiền game update to The Escapists 2, featuring a brand new map – Santa’s Shakedown. Not nội dung with life in a perpetually festive lock-up, you must devise ingenious new ways of getting out of prison without getting caught in the tinsel! Featuring brand new items and some very unique craftables, you must pitch in with new prison jobs such as Christmas tree-decorating and toy soldier construction to blend in until the time is right to ho-ho-hop out of there!
Wrap up warm, grab some fellow inmates if it tickles your fancy, and head to the Play trò chơi menu now to experience Santa’s Shakedown.

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Featured DLC


Things have taken a strange turn in the locked off rooms of an abandoned hospital. Once again, you’ll have to craft, fight and scheme your way to freedom from this eerie supernatural slammer.

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About This trò chơi


The Ultimate Prison Sandbox!


Risk it all to breakout from the toughest prisons in the world. Explore the biggest prisons yet, with multiple floors, roofs, vents and underground tunnels.
You’ll have to live by the prison rules, attending roll call, doing prison jobs and following strict routines; all the while secretly engineering your bid for freedom!
Your prison escape antics will take you from the frosty Fort Tundra, a train hurtling through the desert, and even to the final frontier!

Escape Team Assemble!


Unite with up to 3 friends to create the ultimate escape crew and engineer the wildest escapes yet! Jump trực tuyến or gather round on a couch to prepare for your sneaky adventures. By working together you’ll be able to create even more elaborate and daring plans.

Feeling competitive? Dive into the versus mode and show that you’ve got the skills to break out of any prison faster than your friends can. If all else fails, settle your rivalry in the court yard with a prison punch up!

Create YOUR Con!


It’s time to make your prisoner truly yours. Choose from a massive array of customisations to make your character unique to you. It’s important to look stylish whilst you mastermind your escape.

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Craft your Escape!


Being in prison forces you to be creative and work with the limited tools at your disposal. You’ll have to combine everyday objects lượt thích soap and socks to craft new weapons and tools to help you achieve your goal. Steal forks from the cafeteria to chip a tunnel in your room, and craft a poster from magazines and duct tape to hide the evidence. You’ll soon learn that duct tape solves (almost) everything!

Prepare for a fight! 


The Escapists 2 introduces a brand new combat system to make every prison brawl more exciting and interactive. You’ll have to block and tie together chains of attacks whilst strafing around your locked on targets to gain the upper hand in combat. Make sure your visit the gym first to build up those muscles!

New ways to escape!


As the prisons get tougher you’re going to have to get more creative with your escape plans. There’s a ton of options to tackle almost any prison escape.

Construct a clink!


With the Prison Map Editor, it’s your turn to construct a prison worthy of housing the toughest inmates! It includes all the rooms, fences and guard dogs you need to build a prison that’s as hard as your imagination makes it – no duct-tape required.
You can pick up those prison blueprints and start crafting your own creations through the Custom Prisons option on the main menu, and when you’re ready you can show the world by sharing them through Steam Workshop where you can tải về subscribe to fellow architects’ lock-ups – all custom maps can be played either solo or in both local and trực tuyến multiplayer!


11 Prisons
Up to 4 player co-operative and versus multiplayer
Drop-in/ Drop-out Trực tuyến/Splitscreen multiplayer
Over 300 customisations
Multi-viettingame.comy Prisons


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