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Gangstar Vegas Mod APK (Unlimited Money, VIP Unlocked) – The best action game that ever builds by Gameloft for Android. Crime is everywhere, take your suitable weapons and down enemies. No times for rest, only fight & shoot down as many incendiaries as you can. Mod version includes unlimited money hack with VIP features unlocked for không tính phí. Access unlimited Money, gems, gold and also unlocked all also some extra features. Mod Gangstar Vegas game lets unlock all game features, cars, painting, and more.

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File Name Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime + Mod
Developer Gameloft SE
Package Name com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftGGHM
Mod Features Unlimited Money Hack + VIP Access
Current Version 4.8.0c
Updated On June 25, 2020
Minimum Requirement 4.1 and up
Safety Kiểm tra Safe
Official Link PlayStore

Table of Contents
1 Gangstar Vegas Mod APK 4.8.0c trò chơi for Android4 Features of Gangstar Vegas:6 Installation File: Gangstar Vegas Mod

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK 4.8.0c trò chơi for Android

Gangstar Vegas (Mod) is one of the most popular mafia shooter game for Android. This super cool action game allows to you stay in the role of the hero of the game, given to you by mafia groups, and at each stage, you must finish them favorably. In this game, you can play the role of the hero in each stage of the missions that are given to you. There are a lot of items in the game that you need to use to advance the game. Engaging in mafia bands, stealing cars, killing a particular person, etc. So Tải về Now this game and enjoy the gameplay missions.


Gangstar Vegas games designed to give users a realistic feel when playing. That’s whey they add sounds lượt thích real worlds, people can speak, stunning 3D cars and bikes sounds, weapon firing sounds, and more. So, you can enjoy the game not only from visual but also with sounds. Use headphones while playing to get an outstanding experience.

Gameplay Design & Controls:

From every point of view, you can capture the quality of the gameplay design. We have personally played the game for a couple of days but did not find a single bug. The story of the game is unique so that you can enjoy the game more. Involve consideration of a splendid mafia cartel adventure saga and wage wars lượt thích in best crime movies, filled with six-gun shoots, fighting night boxing, street fighting, town driving, and roaming in the huge open world!

Try Graphics Designing app: Sketch Camera Premium – Photo to Sketch Maker

If we talking about the controls, then we are just surprised when play the game for the first time. It’s so easy to control the character, running, walking, firing weapons, riding cars, or fight with someone. Full features navigation, health status on the right corner of the screen. Changeable weapons system on the left top corner for fast change. The main controls lượt thích character movements on the bottom of the left side for easy left thumb access. Also, some dynamical control lượt thích weapon target and shoot, car theft, and more added as per the situation. One tap controls lượt thích punching, car riding, bombing, and more on the middle bottom side.

Latest Weapons and Gadgets:

Flamethrowers, Maltov Cocktails, Grenade Launchers, and future firepower. Try out a grand variety of legendary weapons including six guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, lasers, swords, rockets, and anything else your twisted plans call for. Get behind the wheel of muscle cars, armored tanks, hoverbikes, fighter jets, and anything other you’ve dreamed of taking for some city driving since you were a little gangster.

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Get relaxed with amazing soundtrack music including Skrillex, Kavinsky, Chromatics, and more. Indulge your vice with dozens of costumes that let you become a Vegas high roller, zombie gangster, mafia kingpin, world boxing grand champ, tự động racing pro, Shaolin fighting master, street fighter. For fans of FPS action, tự động racing, driving (autos or tanks), robots, zombie clans, games with car theft, and không tính phí mobile games.

Overall Benchmark

We have already discussed the features and story of the Gangstar Vegas Mod game briefly. Lượt thích other popular games it also some drawbacks, lượt thích:

Supports only on the high-end devices, as it required a very large amount of memory to smoothly run the game. We have tried this game on a mid-range configuration smartphone, we found some lags during playing.Required a very large amount of không tính phí phone memory space for storing game data files. Its more 2 GB game size, which really a large game for smartphones.High Definition graphics and more RAM, CPU usage generates lots of hits that can be felt during play. It also drains the battery power very fastly.

So, If you have a gaming smartphone or Android smartphone with mid-range features, you can enjoy the game with some software optimizer. Nowadays most of the device manufacturer including trò chơi Mode or similar function on smartphones which really helps to play this game smoothly even after low configuration.

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So why are you waiting for? just tải về install and play the real boss game with lots of fun and challenges. It’s time to become a boss in the virtual gangstar world. Show your skills, techniques, and strategy to rule over the Gangstar Vegas gameplay. Drive the real world awesome cars with stunning drift and speeds.

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