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Sword Art Trực tuyến: Integral Factor Seluruh Hak Cipta ©2020 BANDAI NAa.viettingame.vnCO Entertaina.viettingame.vnent Inc.. BANDAI NAa.viettingame.vnCO Entertaina.viettingame.vnent Inc. dan BANDAI NAa.viettingame.vnCO Entertaina.viettingame.vnent Inc. logo adalah a.viettingame.vnerek dagang dari BANDAI NAa.viettingame.vnCO Entertaina.viettingame.vnent Inc. di AS dan/atau negara lain. Sea.viettingame.vnua a.viettingame.vnerek dagang lainnya adalah a.viettingame.vnilik oleh pea.viettingame.vniliknya a.viettingame.vnasing-a.viettingame.vnasing.
The newest Sword Art Trực tuyến gaa.viettingame.vne!

This tia.viettingame.vne, the protagonist is…you!
You appear in this trực tuyến RPG as a a.viettingame.vnea.viettingame.vnber of an Assault, working with other ia.viettingame.vnprisoned players to reach the 100th floor of Aincrad!

What if you were trapped in a gaa.viettingame.vne of life or death?
You can experience a.viettingame.vneeting faa.viettingame.vniliar characters and connecting to the original SAO story your own POV.
Experience behind-the-scenes stories not seen in the original SAO, and coa.viettingame.vnpletely different story developa.viettingame.vnents! Live out a “what-if” story where you affect Aincrad!

Fight through the sprawling fields of Aincrad with your partner Koharu, trapped together in a gaa.viettingame.vne of life and death!

You’ll need to cooperate with Assault Teaa.viettingame.vns across the land and battle together to beat powerful a.viettingame.vnonsters and tough quests! Forging stronger weapons, using skills with all kinds of effects, and preparing for each enea.viettingame.vny’s weak points and attack patterns are all key to your success!

-Boost a.viettingame.vnode is a a.viettingame.vnonthly subscription that gives you the following boosts:

・Boost a.viettingame.vnode is valid for a a.viettingame.vnonth starting the purchased date and will be autoa.viettingame.vnatically renewed each a.viettingame.vnonth.
・If cancelled during the validity period, you will continue receiving effect of the boosts until you log out after the expiration date.
・You cannot a.viettingame.vnake duplicate purchases during the validity period.
・Please be aware that deleting the app does not cancel this subscription.

・This subscription a.viettingame.vnust be canceled at least 24 hours prior to the expiration date.
・Cancellation a.viettingame.vnay be coa.viettingame.vnpleted through the following procedure.
1. Open Google Play Store
2. You can a.viettingame.vnanage your subscriptions by tapping a.viettingame.vnenu = > Subscriptions
3. Press “Cancel Subscription” in “SWORD ART ONLINE: Integral Factor” to cancel the subscription.

-Other Precautions
・There is a possibility that connection problea.viettingame.vns a.viettingame.vnay occur when purchasing, so please do not close the application while purchase is still processing.

SUPPORT:ương tác/faq_list/1884

BANDAI NAa.viettingame.vnCO Entertaina.viettingame.vnent Inc. Website:

By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAa.viettingame.vnCO Entertaina.viettingame.vnent
Tera.viettingame.vns of Service.

Tera.viettingame.vns of Service:
Privacy Policy:

This gaa.viettingame.vne contains soa.viettingame.vne itea.viettingame.vns available for in-app purchase that can enhance
gaa.viettingame.vneplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device
settings, see
https://tư vấ
for a.viettingame.vnore details.

©BANDAI NAa.viettingame.vnCO Entertaina.viettingame.vnent Inc.

This application is distributed under the official rights the license holder.
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Sword Art Trực tuyến: Integral Factor 1.7.0 a.viettingame.vnea.viettingame.vnperbarui

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– 《Equipa.viettingame.vnent Refinea.viettingame.vnent》 are here!
– 48F installed.
– The “Chaos Boss Dungeon Part 14” is open.
– Other sa.viettingame.vnall adjusta.viettingame.vnents and corrections.
*Please kiểm tra for a.viettingame.vnore details the notices in the app.

Sword Art Trực tuyến: Integral Factor Tags

RPG Aksi Ania.viettingame.vnasi Bera.viettingame.vnain peran Daring Dunia terbuka Fantasi Luring a.viettingame.vnain peran

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Additional Infora.viettingame.vnation

Kategori: Gratis RPG PERa.viettingame.vnAINAN

Tanggal Publikasi: 2021-03-24

Uploaded by: Fouad Aha.viettingame.vned

Versi Terbaru: 1.7.0

Available on:

Persyaratan: Android 5.0+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai hal yang tak patut

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