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Play Dynomite® at a.viettingame.vn


Play Dynomite® at a.viettingame.vn


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Dynomite® Dinosaur eggs. Dynamite. Intense puzzle action. Sounds lượt thích a can”t-miss formula for success.

©2002-2006 PopCap Games, Inc. Dynomite is a registered trademark of PopCap Games, Inc. All rights reserved.

Use the slingshot to shoot dinosaure eggs at like-colored eggs on the playing field. Match three eggs of similar color or pattern to clear them from the playing field.

For more detailed instructions, see the in-game tutorial. Minimum Requirements:

: Windows 98/ME/2000, 128 MB RAM, 500MHz or faster, DirectX: 7.0


Developed by: PopCap Games


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