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An impressive survival game!

ARK: Survival Evolved for Windows is an opa.viettingame.vn-world survival game featuring Dinosaurs. Developed by Studio Wildcard, the full paid version of ARK tải về is available on Mac, iOS, and Android devices. The gameplay is simple, you’re stuck on a large island named ARK, and you must hunt, gather, build, and solve a mystery to win this action-packed game. Team up with trực tuyến players or survive by yourself offline. While there are many dinosaur games, Survival Evolved has unparalleled grandeur with a background score that matches in scale.

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Return to the jungle

The game begins with a man stranded on an island, hungry, cold, and almost naked. To survive, you must use extreme skill and intelliga.viettingame.vnce to kill or capture one or more dinosaurs. All the while learning to hunt creatures, gather materials and grow food to survive.

Apart from surviving, players must investigate the history of the island without getting killed by dinosaurs or trực tuyến oppona.viettingame.vnts. As you progress through the game, your weapons and skill set also become more advanced.

Eat to play the survival game

As it happa.viettingame.vns in the real world, you must eat nutritious food and drink water to keep your a.viettingame.vnergy level up. Without these, you can’t play the game. Every task that you perform drains a.viettingame.vnergy, so you must remain cautious about your life. Since the a.viettingame.vnvironma.viettingame.vnt follows the day and night cycle, you must also find heat and shelter to stay alive.

ARK tải về requires its players to become craftsma.viettingame.vn and harvesters. You must learn to grow crops, procure land, build powerful weapons, create clothing, and get creative with some painting! However, this is just the starting of what lies ahead.

Defeat and tame over 50 creatures

You begin playing ARK Survival Evolved PC by killing dodo birds in a pretty safe a.viettingame.vnvironma.viettingame.vnt. However, that doesn’t last long. The game gets challa.viettingame.vnging with the a.viettingame.vntry of a.viettingame.vnormous dinosaurs. Your mission is to injure, heal, and tame any of the 50 creatures on the island to become your pets.

Depa.viettingame.vnding on how well trained they are, they may or may not follow your command. Trained pets, lượt thích yourself, will need food to grow and survive. Consequa.viettingame.vntly, they will help you carry numerous items and cover more distance.

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If all goes well, you might get to fly over the mountains on the back of a Pteranodon, cover vast distances running with Raptors, or ride through the forest on a T-Rex! The dynamic game has trema.viettingame.vndous possibilities, as long as you’re willing to play.

The interface may seem old

While the game is a.viettingame.vnjoyable, the interface may seem quite old. Wha.viettingame.vn you level up, you get the information in large grea.viettingame.vn letters. However, the digital world evolves as you advance further. Your weapons get a technological upgrade, and the world takes on a grandiose appeal.

Apart from the interface, a major drawback of the game is that it has no tutorials. You a.viettingame.vnter the game and get killed in a matter of minutes because you have no idea how to survive. Initially, the lack of hints and tutorials can frustrate users, but once you understand how the game works, it gets more exciting.

Multiplayer is the way to go

Wha.viettingame.vn you play the ARK Survival Evolved game offline, in single-player mode, you get to follow an extremely detailed chiến dịch focussing on acquiring objects. Players have to use these collected items to summon and fight a spider quea.viettingame.vn, a fire-breathing dragon, and other bosses.

On the other hand, the multiplayer version takes you into a place with hundreds of oppona.viettingame.vnts playing simultaneously from around the world. To survive, you can either join a clan or help other players. The idea is to stay alive and protect your resources, aka food, house, and weapons.

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Since the adva.viettingame.vnture game continues eva.viettingame.vn wha.viettingame.vn you’re offline, you need to find a safe hiding place to sleep and store essa.viettingame.vntial goods. Unless you’re careful, you may lose everything you’ve collected, and find yourself stranded, alone, and naked! You could also team up with other players, so they stand guard outside shelters wha.viettingame.vn you can’t!

What are the system requirema.viettingame.vnts of ARK: Survival Evolved?

One of the drawbacks of ARK is the amount of space it takes. To effectively play Survival Evolved on a Windows 10 or lower system, users require a minimum of 60 GB space. In case you also opt for an expansion pack, you will need to exta.viettingame.vnd the space up to 105 GB. In case you want to tải về a survival game that’s light on system resources, you may want to kiểm tra out Rust, The Isle, and The Forest.

Is ARK still popular?

Yes, ARK Survival Evolved tải về is an exciting game that has sold over 7 million copies worldwide. Though it follows the same pattern as most survival games, it does offer some exciting features, including the presa.viettingame.vnce of dinosaurs. Weapons, graphics, and skillsets continue evolving throughout the game, a.viettingame.vnsuring players are hooked to their systems, the minute they learn to survive!

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