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From A Distance: Increase Reading Outcomes, Uncover Students’ Passions, Make Better EdTech Decisions, Transform Trực tuyến Learning.

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Teachers & Students

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viettingame.com’s patented technology tracks when students are actually reading and engaged with high accuracy. viettingame.com also calculates the reading level and subject area of every webpage. Browse the web normally and viettingame.com knows when you are engaged in nội dung.

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Track Stats

Teachers can assign and monitor reading across the web by reading level, subject area, or website. Students get credit for completing reading that interest them.

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Instant Insight

School Leaders can instantly see how learning is being accomplished on all devices. Educator designed visualizations simplify thousands of data points.


The Library

viettingame.com works on the entire web, but to make things even easier, meet the viettingame.com Library. The most popular and interesting articles on the web, organized by subject area and reading level from over 300 educational websites. Students have never been more motivated to read!

“We use viettingame.com as a core solution for our district of over 30,000 students. We needed a tool to track and measure reading. We found that we could easily push viettingame.com to thousands of classrooms and start to gain valuable data about reading habits and important tư vấn for kids. Teachers can also see student passions and help foster a love of reading. “

Ben Wilkoff

Director of Blended Learning

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