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Sancko is a self-taught painter, street artist and an engaged performer, born in Orange, in France in 1974.

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Sancko is the grandchild of communism militants and the great granddaughter of a feminist, one leader of the feminist movement called “Dones of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya”, which had obtained the right to vote for women in Spain in 1931. Sandra Liénard, aka Sancko, has been steeped into many popular and social struggles since her very young age. The victory in 1995 of the extreme right party in her hometown had also been a key sự kiện in her citizen consciousness.

This citizen consciousness had been characterised by an early commitment in the community associations, working on various topics such as discrimination, precariousness, living together, GLBT. She had been part of many associations such as the association Refuge, as well as SOS Mediterranean (concerning migrants). She”d also been participating in the release of women”s speech with Women”s March, #Metoo and #Noustoutes.

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As an extension of her commitments, her paintings are about current political and societal causes, and bear thinking on identity and difference. Sancko”s universe oscillates between black, white colours and a palette of shades of grey. In a time of spirit radicalization and binary thought whether it would be necessary to take a stand, these nuances allow the intelligence to get expressed and the dialogue between human beings to spring up. A touch of incisive colour, identical, often red, but not necessarily, comes to underline the aspect of each work, thus offering an additional interpretation. An intense universe without taboos, where ideas such as sex, passion, sensuality, sweetness, pain, hurt and fight, mingle and untangle.

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Sancko likes to compare her vision with other artists in collaborative and / or collective ways because she thinks there is nothing lượt thích exchange for better living together. Her work is now available indoors and outdoors, through painting on canvas or mural, and urban collages in the tradition of citizen and political activism.

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