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10 Samurai Games To Play If You Love Ghost Of Tsushima The award-winning Ghost Of Tsushima transports players to the beautiful and action-packed world of ancient nhật bạn dạng. If you”re a fan, try these games.

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The delay of Ghost of Tsushima was a doubled edge sword. On one hand, this delay meant The Last of Us Part II would take its place, which was great news for those fans bummed out for that game’s multiple push-backs already. For those who have been waiting on a new samurai game, well, that’s where the bad part came in.

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At least, until the sword-swinging adventures across the beautiful islands was actually released. However, there have been many samurai type games that have come in the past. Here are other samurai games that rank alongside Ghost of Tsushima as some of the most fun bushido-related journeys in gaming history.

Updated on January 22, 2021, by Reyadh Rahaman: What constitutes a “samurai” game is one that recreates swordplay and other battle elements that the aforementioned kind of warrior would encounter in centuries past in the Land of the Rising Sun. Curved swords, impressive and intimidating armor, as well as bows, make up much of the samurai”s arsenal. These are aspects to combat that few games can balance and implement optimally. Therefore, when one finds such a game, they should be sure to make the most of it, just as the best swordsmen make the most of each strike.

10 Onimusha: Warlords

As the first entry in the series, Onimusha: Warlords may not be as refined as the later sequels. That said, as it was released on all consoles last year as a quick remaster, it remains the easiest to track down and play in 2021. It is simply the Resident Evil formula, but with samurai in the feudal era of nhật bạn dạng fighting demons instead of zombies. It is as cool as it sounds. Capcom needs to give Resident Evil a break and return to this franchise. 

Set just after Oda Nobunaga”s epic war with Imagawa Yoshimoto in 1560, known as the Battle of Okehazama, players take the role of a warrior encountering demons drawn by the blood-soaked battlefield. Locations of brutal conflicts in Japanese folklore often draw malevolent forces tied to the rage and hatred brought about by war. This proliferates in video games as well, as seen by this and other samurai titles.

9 Nioh

Another demon slaying samurai game is Nioh, a new franchise that debuted this generation. While this could be dismissed as a samurai clone of Dark Souls, it is more than that. With a named character and better balancing next to its sequel that just came out, it is the better of the two. It might even be more challenging than Dark Souls since it demands faster reflexes. 

The player takes the role of William, an Englishman traveling to and through the early 1600″s nhật bạn dạng, the Sengoku era, seeking spiritual knowledge and strength in a world overrun by demons. Thankfully, he is a skilled swordsman capable of allying himself with guardian spirits who can slay these oni and yokai with either blade, bow, or even magic as well as countless other weapons and tools.

8 Katana Zero

Katana Zero is an indie darling that also launched in 2019. It borrows the one-hit-kill gameplay of other indies lượt thích Hotline Miami but adds a samurai and slows-down time. With the techno soundtrack and neo-punk aesthetic, this game is a fun trip albeit a short one. Slaying enemies as a cyber samurai is inherently cool and lượt thích Nioh, Katana Zero can be quite challenging. 

What definitely can be considered a technicolor bloodbath amidst sharpened steel is also the tale of a cold, lifeless killing machine that becomes something more. Set in a dystopian city full of both grime and crime, the player controls Zero, an experiment that may or may not have been human. Throughout the game, as players get to hunt down and assassinate targets, they”ll also be given the chance to chase Zero”s thoughts and feelings as he experiences the world around him.

7 Way Of The Samurai

Way of the Samurai 4 is the latest entry in this series and debuted on the PS3 and PC digitally. That is the easiest game, relatively speaking, to get ahold of; however, if one can track down the original on PS2, that is the way to go. It released to mixed reviews, however, earning a 72 Metascore.

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The Way of the Samurai series has an air of diminishing returns past the original, a game that perfectly encapsulates the idea of roaming the countryside as a ronin. Players cut down foes as a self-created swordsman or swordswoman in the fictional Japanese coastal town of Amihama during the early 1800″s. They can join one of three factions: the Japanese government, the rebels, or the British navy seeking to end the conflict. The story of the game spans five days, each full of decision-making opportunities that will change the course of the tale.

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6 Samurai Warriors 4: Empires

This series has a stigma to it for seemingly offering just mindless hack and slash mayhem. Truthfully, that is not far off base. However, what makes Samurai Warriors so adored by fans is the co-op, which genuinely can make even the worst of games great in some capacity, along with player choice. Slaying thousands of enemies might not be realistic, but it is lượt thích a samurai power fantasy. This spin-off of a spin-off, Empires, is recommended above others because it integrates a level of strategy to the franchise. 

As another samurai game set during the wartorn era of nhật bạn dạng known as the Sengoku period, this game sees quite a few real, albeit romanticized, battles from the late 1500″s to the early 1600″s. The first conflict experienced in the game is the battle of Itsukushima, the only bloody conflict to ever take place on the hallowed island of Miyajima. Many more such epic retellings of real events can be enjoyed throughout the course of this game.

5 For Honor

This is not a pure samurai game, but in either single-player or multiplayer, the work gone into representing these heroes based on real ones in our world can be mesmerizing. For Honor launched with knights, samurai, and Vikings, and later added warriors based on those from Chinese history. This might be the closest video games can get to simulating real combat with samurai. 

Despite not taking place in the real world, all the different classes in the game represent classic warrior archetypes from all over Earth”s diverse histories and cultures. This mix of different fighting styles grants each faction versatility and power in a few key places. The Samurai faction consists of seven different heroes for players to stab, slash, and bash their rivals into submission with.

4 Bushido Blade 2

Another simulation type fighting game is Bushido Blade. That is to say aside from clanging metal against metal, this game operates with one-hit kills. This made for some intense battles with the game”s AI or against friends. Both entries on the PS1 are good, but the second offers more variety. The game earned fairly admirable reviews, including a score of 83 on Metacritic.

Although weapons common in Feudal era nhật bạn dạng, somewhat equivalent to Europe”s medieval ages, are used in this game, the setting is actually much more modern than expected. Players can see helicopters here and there throughout gameplay, as well as other current technology, making much of the techno elements more logical.

3 Brave Fencer Musashi

Another Square gem lost to time from the PS1 era is Brave Fencer Musashi. This falls more in line with the action RPG genre, and it is a lighthearted one at that, earning an 81 rating on Metacritic. Set in a fictional fantasy world, players control a boy who is the reincarnation of a mighty warrior: the eponymous Musashi. This is one of those tales with many classic fantasy elements that fans of similar games will love, such as doing battle with monsters, saving nobility, and collecting magical artifacts to stop an evil force.

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The sequel on PS2 offers more of a samurai aesthetic, but it also isn’t as good as this initial entry. For those looking for a more adventurous dynamic, Brave Fencer Musashi is it.

2 Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate

This game is the latest in the series as of 2016. It was released for Vita in the West and that is it. Not many of the Shiren the Wanderer games have been localized due to roguelikes not catching on until recently. Shiren the Wanderer began on the Super Nintendo as a side note, but it left a decent impact with a 75 Metascore. 

Wandering the fictional allegory for nhật bạn dạng”s Feudal era in this game allows one to get immersed as a silent protagonist. This trope is becoming less and less seen these days, though this game makes great use of this element when placing the player in story-heavy situations. For those wishing to embody a samurai without much story and also wish for a challenge, it doesn’t get much deeper than this.

1 Yakuza Ishin

Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin, or Yakuza Ishin, is a spin-off in the franchise and one not available in the West. Part of the reason might pertain to the fact that it is heavily steeped in feudal era culture, which may not translate well in the West. That is a guess, but be that as it may, it still would be great to get Yakuza Ishin eventually. It is never too late. For those that lượt thích importing, well, this is an option.

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Those who lượt thích samurai games set in the more recent 1800″s will enjoy this title. There”s plenty of action to be had while playing as Ryoma, who has recently finished training with his sword and is eager to test his might. He gets plenty of chances to do so as he gets embroiled in conflicts involving the government and local unrest.

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