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The responses that students make will tell the teacher something about their phonological and grammatical weaknesses.

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Thêm những ví dụ Evidence from English suggests that phonological acquisition in the early stages is word-based.Data are gathered in clinical treatment of children with functional phonological delays.There is evidence that phonological memory improves with language development.

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Research into semantic skills focuses less on the qualitative aspects of linguistic competence than does research into phonological and morphosyntactic skills.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus
Many students in my class were inspired by these readings to carry on further investigations, finding more data and phonetic tư vấn for the phonological claims.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus
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They have established certain principles of phonetic and phonological change, and of the social motivation for change.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
The relevance of the findings for cross-linguistic interaction in bilingual phonetic/phonological development is discussed.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
What other phonetic cause(s) may be involved in this fascinating phonological process is certainly not obvious at this point in time.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  

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In this sense they corresponded with purely phonological rather than morphosyntactic attributes of the input.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
This account of the developmental differences is consistent with other studies of children”s lexical and phonological representations.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
The findings underline the importance of using specific rather than general tasks to assess phonology, phonological sensitivity, and phonological representations.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
It may be that syllable structure may not play a role in the organization of lexical representations, but may influence the organization of phonological representations.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
It will be important for future work to continue to address these issues by attempting to differentiate lexical from phonological representations.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
A related issue is the influence of other phonological variables on lexical representations.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
She argues, then, that learners incorporate phonological and distributional information to arrive at adult syntactic representations.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
Do bilinguals activate phonological representations in one or both of their languages when naming words?
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
Phonological sequence learning is a significant predictor of receptive vocabulary learning.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
These studies examined the roles of phonological, morphological, and orthographic features of nouns in gender classification.
Từ a.viettingame.vn English Corpus  
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