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Phần Mềm Và Hướng Dẫn Hack Pass Trò chơi Trực tuyến Mobile, Phần Mềm Và Hướng Dẫn Hack Pass Trò chơi Trực tuyến

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Table of contents

Introduction Part 1: Tools of the Trade Chapter 1: Scanning Memory Using Cheat Engine Cheat Engine’s Memory Scanner Memory Modification in Games Pointer Scanning Lua Scripting Environment Chapter 2: Debugging Games with OllyDbg OllyDbg’s CPU Window OllyDbg’s Expression Engine OllyDbg Expressions in Action OllyDbg Plug-ins for Trò chơi Hackers Chapter 3: Reconnaissance with Process Monitor and Process Explorer Process Monitor Process Explorer Part 2: Trò chơi Dissection Chapter 4: From Code to Memory: A General Primer How Variables and Other Data Manifest in Memory x86 Assembly Crash Course Chapter 5: Advanced Memory Forensics Advanced Memory Scanning Identifying Complex Structures in Trò chơi Data Chapter 6: Reading from and Writing to Trò chơi Memory Obtaining the Trò chơi’s Process Identifier Accessing Memory Memory Protection Address Space Layout Randomization Part 3: Process Puppeteering Chapter 7: Code Injection Injecting Code Caves with Thread Injection Hijacking a Trò chơi’s Main Thread to Execute Code Caves Injecting DLLs for Full Control Chapter 8: Manipulating Control Flow in a Trò chơi NOPing to Remove Unwanted Code Hooking to Redirect Trò chơi Execution Applying Call Hooks to Adobe AIR Applying Jump Hooks and VF Hooks to Direct3D Part 4: Creating Bots Chapter 9: Using Extrasensory Perception to Ward off Fog of War Revealing Hidden Details with Lighthacks Revealing Sneaky Enemies with Wallhacks Getting a Wider Field of Vision with Zoomhacks Displaying Hidden Data with HUDs Chapter 10: Responsive Hacks Observing Trò chơi Events Performing In-Trò chơi Actions Tying the Pieces Together Chapter 11: Putting it All Together: Writing Autonomous Bots Combining Control Theory and State Machines Pathfinding with Tìm kiếm Algorithms Common and Cool Automated Hacks Chapter 12: Staying Hidden The PunkBuster Toolkit The VAC Toolkit The GameGuard Toolkit Carefully Managing a Bot’s Footprint

Product information

Title: Trò chơi Hacking Author(s): Nick Cano Release date: July 2016 Publisher(s): No Starch Press ISBN: 9781593276690

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