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Phần Mềm Kiểm tra Grammar Ly Software To Correct English Grammar 2021

Grammar correction software is really necessary for those who specialize in writing text and email in English. After testing through many software, Lucid Gen concluded that Grammarly is the best miễn phí English grammar correction software today. Currently, Grammarly has built four complete operating systems Windows , MacOS , Android and IOS . Let’s learn with Lucid Gen how to use Grammarly.

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Table of contentsIntroduction to English grammarly error correction softwareInstructions for installing and using Grammaly

The importance of grammar when composing English text

Is English grammar important or not is a question posed by many English learners . So what role does English grammar play in work?

Writing correct grammar will help readers of your text correctly and accurately convey the message you convey. Create professionalism, assert yourself. Think about it, you send emails to customers and partners but with wrong grammar, it’s unprofessional, right.

Grammar plays an extremely important role in everyday communication. Especially, if you regularly work with foreign customers and partners, the drafting of grammatically correct English documents is a must.

Introduction to English grammarly error correction software

As I have introduced above, Grammarly English grammar correction software has been completed on the most popular platforms, so its usage and cost are also more diverse (available for miễn phí). Depending on your work, choose how to use it properly.

How to use grammarly correcting software

Use with Chrome extensions and CocCoc: You can use Grammarly on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers by installing the Grammarly extension. With the Grammarly utility in the browser, you can kiểm tra grammar, spelling and drafting on most popular websites such as Gmail, Facebook, Wordpres, Drive …Integrate Grammarly into Microsoft Word, Outlook: You can install the Windows Office Add-in to integrate Grammarly into Office. Currently, Grammarly only supports versions of Word and Outlook. Excel software and Powerpoint are not supported.Grammarly English grammar correction software for computers: By downloading versions for Windows or MacOS operating systems, Grammarly can act as an English editing software on your computer. Currently, the application does not tư vấn XP and Vista operating systems.Grammaly Keyboard app for Android and iOS phones: You can tải về the Grammarly Keyboard app on the Play Store or App Store. Install and use them as keyboards on your phone. The application will help you detect errors when composing English on your phone through the apps SMS, Facebook, Gmail or any text editor on the phone.

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Price list for advanced features

Grammarly English grammar correction software offers users two versions: Ko lấy phí and Premium. With the Premium version, users will experience some more outstanding features such as:

Advanced features lượt thích checking punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure.Vocabulary suggestion feature enhanced.Plagiarism kiểm tra, which helps to find out if the article is duplicate with other articles available on the Internet or not.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right package to use.

The Ko lấy phí version is used for unlimited time. The features in the Ko lấy phí version are also quite complete. If you are only used to making reports, short essays or composing email, the features in the Ko lấy phí version have enough for your needs.If your job requires good English writing and grammar skills, you should upgrade your account to Premium to use it. Premium version has 4 levels of package, you can refer to the image below to choose the package that suits your needs.


Nhấp chuột Sign In to login

Step 4: The software will open a new tab on the Website and require you to enter. If you are already logged in then nhấp chuột Continue to Grammarly . A window will appear asking if you want to Open Grammarly or not, choose Open Grammarly.

Step 5: After logging in, you will get into the interface of Grammarly English grammar editor and editor. You choose New to start editing text as usual.

Step 6: Compose any sentence, Grammarly will automatically underline the wrong word and report the error next to it. Similar to Grammarly in Word, you nhấp chuột on the wrong word to choose whether to correct the error or keep the error.


Through this article, Lucid Gen introduced in great detail the best English grammar correction software available today. Depending on your needs, you can choose the miễn phí or paid version to use. Hope to help with your English usage.

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If during the installation and use you need any further assistance, please leave a comment below this article. Or you can share with Lucid Gen your comments about the application. Good luck.

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