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Pass-Through Là Gì – Pass Through In Vietnamese

Despite the increased price of raw materials, we want to avoid pass-through or we risk losing customers.

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an arrangement in which a financial organization buys loans from a ngân hàng and sells bonds representing these loans to investors. The payments on the loans are then used to pay interest to the investors and pay back the bonds:
This paper analyzes exchange-rate dynamics following a money-based disinflation under different degrees of exchange-rate passthrough.
Figure 1 shows results for s = 0.5 (the plot with stars) and s = 1.0 (the plot with diamonds), both cases representing incomplete passthrough.
However, while the passthrough is high, complying with this objective implies achieving a stable exchange rate.
For an exchange-rate-based policy, the degree of exchange-rate passthrough makes little difference to the impact of a disinflation.
Nominal stability will remain under question until the high inflationary passthrough of depreciation has been eliminated.
Analyzing the effects of disinflation under incomplete passthrough, however, significantly alters the magnitudes of these effects.

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Figure 1 shows that the responses of the exchange rate and many other variables are significantly different when there is incomplete passthrough.
So, even when s = 1, there is some degree of passthrough from exchange-rate changes to consumer prices.
This paper analyzes exchange-rate dynamics following a money-based disinflation under different degrees of exchange rate passthrough.
If there are no movements in the nominal exchange rate, then the presence, or indeed the extent, of passthrough becomes irrelevant.
Figure 2 shows the effects of reducing the degree of price inertia also for the incomplete passthrough cases.




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