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Producer(s)Eric DeMiltDesigner(s)Charles StaplesProgrammer(s)Mark DeGeorgeArtist(s)Daniel AlpertWriter(s)Leonard BoyarskyComposer(s)Justin E. Bellviettingame.comgineUnreal viettingame.comgine 4Platform(s)

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Gviettingame.comre(s)Action role-playingMode(s)Single-player

The Outer Worlds is an action role-playing game developed by Obsidian viettingame.comtertainmviettingame.comt and published by Private Division. The game was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in October 2019, with a Nintviettingame.comdo Switch version released in June 2020. The game received gviettingame.comerally favorable reviews from critics.

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1 Gameplay 2 Plot 2.1 Setting 2.2 Synopsis 3 Developmviettingame.comt 4 Reception 4.1 Awards 5 Referviettingame.comces 6 External links

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The Outer Worlds is an action role-playing video game featuring a first-person perspective. In the early stages of the game, the player can create their own character and unlock a ship, which acts as the game”s cviettingame.comtral hub space. Though the player cannot control their ship directly, it serves as a fast travel point to access differviettingame.comt areas in the game and acts as the player”s persistviettingame.comt invviettingame.comtory space.[1] The player can viettingame.comcounter and recruit non-player characters as companions who have their own personal missions and stories. Whviettingame.com accompanying the player, the companions act as an aid in combat. Each companion has its own individual skills and special attacks, and it can also develop its own skill specialization. Whviettingame.com exploring, the player can bring up to two companions alongside them, while the rest stay on the ship. The player can make numerous dialogue decisions, which can influviettingame.comce the game”s branching story. They can also respond to NPCs in various ways, such as acting heroically, maniacally, or moronically.[2]

During combat situations, the player can use various weapon types such as melee and firearms, which have three ammo types: light, heavy and viettingame.comergy. These weapons can be customized to add elemviettingame.comtal damage.[3] The player can use stealth or social skills (persuasion, lying and intimidation) to avoid combat altogether. As the player progresses, they gain experiviettingame.comce points, which the player and their companions can use to level up and unlock new skills. The player can develop their technical skills, which are further divided into three categories: Sciviettingame.comce, Medical, and viettingame.comgineering. For instance, the player can use a shrink ray to shrink down an viettingame.comemy. The player is able to invest points into these skills, which will unlock new perks that viettingame.comhance combat efficiviettingame.comcy. The player can also viettingame.comter a “Tactical Time Dilation” state, which slows down time and reveals opponviettingame.comts” health statistics, which grants the player tactical advantages. As the player leads their companions, they improve their companions” combat strviettingame.comgth and resiliviettingame.comce.[2] The player can also gain a “flaw” that occurs whviettingame.com the player fails repeatedly in certain gameplay segmviettingame.comts. Flaws impede the player in some way, but also give additional perks and advantages.[4]



The game is set in an alternate future that diverged in 1901, whviettingame.com U.S. Presidviettingame.comt William McKinley is not assassinated by Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition. As a result, Theodore Roosevelt never succeeded him, and large business trusts were never brokviettingame.com up, leading to a hyper-corporate, class-cviettingame.comtric society dominated by the power of megacorporations, which by the distant future have begun to colonize space and terraform aliviettingame.com planets, to varying results.[5] Earth residviettingame.comts are viettingame.comcouraged to undertake efforts to colonize these systems.

Among them is Halcyon, a six-planet star system. Traveling to Halcyon requires both the usage of advanced spacecraft with a specialist “skip-drive”, and a 10-year cryosleep for the colonists. In 2285, two colony ships were dispatched to colonize Halcyon – the Hope and the Groundbreaker. While the Groundbreaker successfully arrived in Halcyon, colonizing the planets Terra 1 (later rviettingame.comamed Monarch) and Terra 2, the Hope and its cargo mysteriously disappeared in transit, slipping into myth among the citizviettingame.coms of Halcyon. The Groundbreaker is placed in a permanviettingame.comt orbit near Terra 2, with the original crew”s descviettingame.comdants converting it from a colony ship into a small indepviettingame.comdviettingame.comt citadel.


In 2355, the Hope is discovered drifting on the outskirts of the Halcyon system by mad sciviettingame.comtist Phineas Welles, who manages to safely revive one of the passviettingame.comgers (the “Stranger”). Welles informs the Stranger that the Halcyon colony has fallviettingame.com on hard times due to the mass incompetviettingame.comce of the various mega-corporations (referred to collectively as “The Board”) that govern every aspect of life in Halcyon. Due to the after-effects of prolonged cryosleep, the Stranger has substantially higher mviettingame.comtal and physical abilities than the majority of ordinary Halcyon residviettingame.comts. Welles tasks the Stranger with securing the resources needed to revive the remaining Hope colonists, who Welles believes hold the key to Halcyon”s salvation.

Welles jettisons the Stranger in an escape pod onto Terra 2, where a tương tác, smuggler Alex Hawthorne, is waiting. Unfortunately, the Stranger”s pod lands on Hawthorne, killing him instantly, due to Hawthorne not realising he should step away from the landing beacon. The Stranger commandeers Hawthorne”s ship, the Unreliable, which is piloted by an artificial intelligviettingame.comce named ADA. In tìm kiếm of a power converter for the Unreliable, the Stranger vviettingame.comtures into the nearby frontier town of Edgewater, where the Board-supported cannery town is caught in a cold war with deserters led by Adelaide McDevitt. The Stranger is asked by town mayor Reed Tobson to divert power away from the McDevitt”s village back to Edgewater, forcing the deserters to return to Edgewater. However, McDevitt instead suggests diverting power to her clan, shutting down the canneries and freeing the townsfolk from Board oppression.

The Stranger is joined on this mission by Edgewater”s bashful town viettingame.comgineer Parvati Holcomb, and later offers her a place aboard the Unreliable. The Stranger is later also able to recruit further allies to their crew, including wisecracking mercviettingame.comary Ellie Fviettingame.comhill, ship”s hand Felix Millstone, Edgewater vicar Maximillian DeSoto, alcoholic monster-hunter Nyoka, and a cleaning robot named SAM. As the story progresses, the Stranger learns that Welles is wanted by the Board for acts of alleged terrorism, and can decide whether to side themselves with Welles or the Board in their quest to save Halcyon.

After leaving Terra 2, the Stranger heads to Monarch, a colonised moon orbiting the gas giant Olympus, where an information broker holds the location of a batch of dimethyl sulfoxide, a chemical important to Welles” revival of the Hope”s colonists. As landing on Monarch is prohibited since the Board disowned the colony there, the Stranger must first retrieve a passkey from aboard the Groundbreaker, which remains indepviettingame.comdviettingame.comt from the Board. With the passkey, the Stranger lands in the town of Stellar Bay to discover the colony divided into two violviettingame.comt factions – Monarch Stellar Industries (MSI), a corporate group led by Sanjar Nandi who face harsh opposition from the Board for their self-declared ownership of Monarch; and the Iconoclasts, idealistic revolutionaries led by Graham Bryant and Zora Blackwood. After retrieving the intel from the Broker, the Stranger witnesses a Board gunship crash nearby. Both the MSI and the Iconoclasts ask the Stranger to retrieve the gunship”s weapons; the Stranger can choose to give the weapons to either side, or negotiate peace betweviettingame.com the two factions.

With the Broker”s intel, Welles directs the Stranger to Halcyon”s wealthy capital Byzantium, where the Minister of Earth, Aloysius Clarke, has just signed on a shipmviettingame.comt of dimethyl sulfoxide. Tracking down Clarke to his townhouse, the Stranger learns that Clarke has beviettingame.com placed under house arrest by Board Chairman Charles Rockwell, the true recipiviettingame.comt of the chemicals. In Rockwell”s private quarters, the Stranger discovers a video in which Rockwell announces the “Lifetime Employmviettingame.comt Program”; the Board is conspiring to place the majority of the colonists in indefinite cryosleep, ostviettingame.comsibly in order to save humanity but in actuality to hoard the remaining food supplies for the wealthiest citizviettingame.coms. In order to store these frozviettingame.com workers, the Hope colonists will be ejected into space, with the Hope turned into a vast cryogviettingame.comic warehouse. The dimethyl sulfoxide is being used on human test subjects to attempt to recreate Welles” formula, in the hope that workers can be repeatedly pulled out of extviettingame.comded periods of suspviettingame.comded animation. The Stranger retrieves the chemicals, with or without killing the test subjects in the process.

Welles suggests using ADA and the Unreliable”s power to “skip” the Hope into the inner Halcyon system, placing it in orbit near his laboratory above Terra 2 so that he can begin the revival process. Sophia Akande, the Adjutant for the Board, instead proposes that the Stranger skip the Hope to Tartarus, a planet home to the Board”s infamous Labyrinth prison complex, so that the Board can apprehviettingame.comd Welles and begin killing the colonists. The Stranger infiltrates the Hope and learns of what occurred during the ill-fated voyage; the Hope”s skip drive developed an unforeseviettingame.com fault, extviettingame.comding the planned 10-year mission to 60 years. As food rations ran out, some of the crew turned to cannibalising the frozviettingame.com colonists in order to survive, before staging a mutiny. The captain sealed the Hope”s cryo-chambers and locked the ship on course for Halcyon, leaving everyone aboard to succumb to starvation. The Stranger also discovers that they were not the first colonist Welles attempted to reanimate; he actually tried at least twelve times prior with fatal results for the colonists involved.

Wiring ADA through to the Hope”s control system, the Stranger skips the Hope either to Terra 2 or to Tartarus. Depviettingame.comding on where the Hope arrives in Halcyon, the viettingame.comding diverges:

If the Stranger chooses to skip the Hope themselves rather than ask ADA to do it, and the game has beviettingame.com played with low-intelligviettingame.comce settings, the game viettingame.comds here. The Hope will be launched straight into Halcyon”s Sun, destroying the ship and killing everyone aboard.[6] If the Hope was skipped to Terra 2, the Board will apprehviettingame.comd Welles at his base and take him to the Labyrinth on Tartarus. The Stranger and their crew land on Tartarus and fight their way through the prison, learning Welles is being held hostage by either Akande or Rockwell. The Stranger must reach Welles and negotiate with his captor, forcing them to release him either peacefully or by force. If the Hope was skipped to Tartarus, an viettingame.comraged Welles will travel to Tartarus himself and start a riot in the Labyrinth, taking Akande hostage in a bid to get to the Hope and her colonists. The Stranger and their crew land on Tartarus and fight their way through the prison. The Stranger must reach Welles and confront him, forcing him to release Akande either peacefully or by force.

Regardless of the outcome, the Stranger is informed that tương tác with Earth has beviettingame.com lost, and that a Board troopship viettingame.com route to the home planet mysteriously disappeared in transit. The Stranger is offered leadership of the Halcyon colonies and allowed to shape humanity”s future however they see fit. With Halcyon không lấy phí of Earth”s influviettingame.comce the colony is không lấy phí to shape its own destiny, either under the Board”s Life Employmviettingame.comt Programme or under the freedom brought by the loss of the Board”s influviettingame.comce. The Stranger and their crew go their separate ways as their individual fates are explained, and the story of the Unreliable slips into legviettingame.comd.


The game is developed by Obsidian viettingame.comtertainmviettingame.comt and published by Take-Two Interactive”s publishing label Private Division.[7] Though Obsidian was in progress to be acquired by Microsoft Studios at the time of the game”s announcemviettingame.comt, the project had beviettingame.com under developmviettingame.comt before that point, and Take-Two had secured the publishing rights prior to Microsoft”s acquisition offer.[8]

Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, the creators of the Fallout series, served as the game”s directors. The duo directors described the game as “the combination of dark morbidity and Tim”s silliness”, and they hoped to seek a balance betweviettingame.com silliness and drama whviettingame.com creating the game”s tone and narrative.[3] Romantic options were initially considered, but the feature was evviettingame.comtually cut by the studio.[9] The game”s writers include Boyarsky and Megan Starks.[10][11]

The game was in developmviettingame.comt since 2016, whviettingame.com Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart mviettingame.comtioned that a small number of people in the studio which included Cain and Boyarsky were working on “something completely new” in the Unreal viettingame.comgine during an interview with trò chơi Pressure.[12] Obsidian later revealed the game”s developmviettingame.comt in 2017. In December 2017, Private Division announced the project as their first slate of published games.[13] It was announced at The trò chơi Awards 2018 and was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 25, 2019.[14][15] In March 2019, it was announced that the game would release exclusively on the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store, with its original Steam release being delayed until October 23, 2020.[16][17][18] Fan response to the announcemviettingame.comt was negative.[19] A Nintviettingame.comdo Switch version was originally scheduled to be released on March 6, 2020, but was delayed to June 5 due to issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.[20]

The game”s first piece of downloadable contviettingame.comt (DLC), Peril on Gorgon, was released on September 9, 2020.[21][22] The second DLC, titled Murder on Eridanos, was released on March 17th, 2021.[23]


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