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They also boast systems that sink much of the heat generated by the onboard electronics and actuators into the fuel.
The sightseeing duck boat was anchored in the shipping channel after being shut down because the boat”s operator saw smoke and feared an onboard fire.
The social network should look to how it can convince its feature phone users to get their friends onboard too.
Ground and onboard radar show that their performances greatly exceed our best aeronautical and space capabilities.
It claims to be something different, and something new; something that uses both onboard sensors and cloud-based services to give us an entirely new experience.
When an induction-capable bus passes over that charging plate, the two magnets become “tuned,” and current flows to charge the onboard battery.
Cars are becoming increasingly smarter and are connected with each other and their surroundings to an increasing extent via their onboard systems.
But now your phone will be able to track the miles traveled in your car by connecting to an onboard device.
Speaking of the onboard computer, this is housed in a backpack along with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery good for 8 hours from a single charge.

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Emergency vehicle sirens are less common as automotive accidents decline thanks to onboard car sensors that track moving objects and humans.
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a hollow, cylinder-shaped piece of equipment used for sucking liquid out of something or pushing liquid into something, especially one with a needle that can be put under the skin and used to inject drugs, remove small amounts of blood, etc.

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