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Some license files are “locked” to a specific hardware device, either a USB key, a parallel prot key, or a computer. This hardware device is identified by its “hostid” (host identification). Depending on the type of hardware device, you”ll find the hostid in different ways.

Note that Activation licenses (introduced with GeoStudio 2012) do not use a hostid.

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GetHostId Utility (Recommended)

The GetHostId Utility will detect all hostids on the computer on which it”s run. This is the simplest way to get your hostids. To run this utility, attach your hardware key to your computer, then nhấp chuột the link below and choose Run.


GetHostId Utility v1.03 (1.2 MB)


USB and Parallel Port Keys

USB and Parallel Port keys have their hostids printed on one side. A USB hostid will typically start with “FLEXID=9-…”. A Parallel Port hostid will start with “FLEXID=6-…”.


MAC (Ethernet) Address

If a license is tied to an Ethernet card, the hostid is the Ethernet address. The Ethernet address is composed of 12 hexadecimal digits (0-9 and a-f).

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If you are using Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, you can find your Ethernet address lượt thích this:

Select Run from the Start menu, type cmd, and press Enter. A command window is displayed. In the command window, type ipconfig /all and press Enter. Under the heading “Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection”, your Ethernet address is located next to the title “Physical Address”.


If you are using Windows 95, 98 or ME, you can find your Ethernet address lượt thích this:

Select Run from the Start menu, type winipcfg, and press Enter. The “IP Configuration” window appears. Select your Ethernet card from the drop-down list. Look for the field labeled “Adapter Address”. This is your Ethernet address. (It should not begin with a “44-45” or “44-44”.)

Composite hostid

Sometimes a license is tied to a Composite Hostid, a special hostid that uniquely identifies your computer. The easiest way to get the Composite Hostid is to run the GetHostId Utility described above.

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