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The area, measuring/which measures five kilometres by three kilometres, has been purchased by the army.

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A measure is also one of the small equal parts into which a piece of music is divided, containing a fixed number of beats; a bar.

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austerity/cost-cutting measures It had taken a series of cost-cutting measures, including closing one of its two plants.
get a measure of sth It is difficult to get an accurate measure of employee performance in this industry.

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a good/true/reliable measure Exports as a percentage of total sales are a good measure of international competitiveness.
This condition thus permitted us to measure the influence of performing two mental operations on the storage abilities of the children.
The studies use a nice mix of qualitative and quantitative measures, although they lack representative samples.
It is commendable that the author draws on qualitative and quantitative measures throughout these chapters.
Our task-based approach is presented in view of a rigorous mathematically-based optimization formulation, where cost functions characterizing human performance measures are implemented.
Secondary hypotheses were that abnormal psychological/ endocrine/immune measures were associated with a poorer predicted disease outcome (as evidenced by tumour pathology).
Having taken these precautions, no associations between any of the immune or inflammatory measures and psychological health outcomes were observed.
Disciplinary measures were used including fines for pupils caught speaking the dialect on school campus.
After 12 years, registration and attendance drops so that those pupils who were measured may be less representative of their age group in the community.
In this case, relative returns to some of the structural measures also improve even when barley is grown in both sites.
In the context of the model sketch presented above, stock returns and returns to capital are direct measures of productivity.





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