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Nghĩa Của Từ Liaise Là Gì – Liaise Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Liaise – viettingame

to speak to people in other organizations, etc. in order to work with them or exchange information with them:

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I regularly liaise with the chairman of the audit committee on larger British incorporated institutions.
to work with people in different groups, departments, or organizations in order to ensure information is exchanged:
The primary health care provider must liaise with patients, make treatment decisions and process patient information, all of which have an ethics dimension.
They continue to give holistic care based on the family”s needs, liaising with all members of the primary health care team.
It also seems clear that it would have been very useful if some of the authors had been encouraged to liaise over their contributions.
Where care managers are aware of such problems, they need to liaise more closely with both providers and local authority contracts departments.
As a result, most other cancer sites now have a nurse-led review clinic and site specialist radiographers liaise closely with the multidisciplinary teams.

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They liaise with other hospitals, the community and all professionals who will be involved with the child”s care.
The results from the questionnaire show there is a willingness among many private teachers to liaise with schools, although this happens little at present.
The provider may advocate for the client if necessary or liaise with other professionals and agencies as needed.
In particular, people had to be able to make decisions, liaise with other agencies and handle a more dependent set of clients.





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