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the companies and activities involved in the process of producing goods for sale, especially in a factory or special area:

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We hope the government listens to the concerns of industry and drops its plans to introduce another crippling tax on business.

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the car/electronics/construction industry In the construction industry, as in other industries, mechanization has had a major impact.
Job gains in service industries such as health care and banking offset losses in such areas as construction.

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industry figures/data/average The tự động maker spends $581 more on distribution per car than the industry average.
Additional references were identified through searching bibliographies of related publications and through liên hệ with relevant topic experts and industry.
The forests are mainly used for extracting reed – a material used both by traditional artisans and the paper-pulp industry.
The policy network representing the interests of the mainland heavy industry (most importantly the metallurgical industry) comes very close to the ideal type policy community.
The latter will, however, probably gather more substance from following industry reports than this book.
In terms of recreation, culture, education, and even rural industries, the period was characterised as much by development and change as by stagnation and decline.
The cotton-manufacturing industry fulfilled different roles in each town, and consequently had a different impact on each political environment.
Governmental expenditures, including expenditures to secure property rights, also are found to increase technical efficiency in the agricultural industry.
Rather, a labour shortage was holding back further expansion of the rubber, palm oil and timber export industries.
Farming, fishing, and (for a time early in the 1900s) the timber industry have provided the primary livelihood for residents.





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