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Nghĩa Của Từ Identifier Là Gì ? Identifiers Là Gì

a set of numbers, letters, or symbols that is used to represent a piece of data or a process in a computer program:

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This operation performs create(chantype), creates a node for each of the two resulting channel ends, and returns the identifiers of the two channel ends.
The first rule avoids cluttering up the key with identifiers that account for only a small fraction of the total storage allocated.
The tìm kiếm engine”s query results deliver identifiers used to retrieve entities and their metadata from the store.
As we suggested earlier, one possibility is that working-class identifiers believe politics is less relevant or less accessible to members of their class.
It is therefore natural and parsimonious for agents to use these existing external identifiers when communicating with other agents.
For example, in repeatedly mobile code, we might want to instantiate each identifier only as needed to always pick up the current local definitions.
An identifier consists of a letter followed by zero or more letters, digits, underscores, and single quotes.
The result returned is not the alignment itself, but an identifier that allows the requester to access it if necessary.

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Compilers that offer warnings for unused identifiers are encouraged to suppress such warnings for identifiers beginning with underscore.
In this interface, the topology area is concerned with the identifiers of the parent and child links.
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