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Đang xem: Empowerment là gì

The government”s economic empowerment program aims to create jobs and raise living standards in the poorer communities.
In the process some meanings are amplified – for example, the idea of patient involvement and empowerment – while others are marginalised.
Indeed, the political empowerment of previously disenfranchised groups makes them a more permanent and potent force leaning against reversal.
Flexible funding can also be used as a way of promoting empowerment and choice in mental health service users.
The empowerment of victims within restorative justice may be illusory and tokenistic, with the key focus remaining on exploring “economical” ways of managing the troublesome.
At the base of such change is the availability to the public of affordable technology and the consequent empowerment of individual creativity.
The fall of the one-party state and the holding of multi-party elections are then regarded as the ultimate victory and empowerment of the people.
They must also have ” a clear and satisfactory black empowerment strategy ” to be shortlisted for the next stage.

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Part of their discussion touches on the possibility of remaining true to the hospice ideals of patient involvement, patient autonomy, and patient empowerment.
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