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used to describe something that helps you reach the same standard or stage as others, usually after you have missed something such as lessons or opportunities to practise:
Having started his fund-raising late, he had to play catch-up if he wanted to get enough money for his political chiến dịch.

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catch up with sth Sam drove straight to the office to catch up with the mountain of work she had waiting for her.
the process of trying to reach the same standard or quality as someone or something else when they have become more advanced or successful:
Coverage and vaccine efficacy influences the number of cases at equilibrium whereas catchup programmes do not.
Younger children in particular had significant catchup growth, which was less notable in older children.
Patients with vestibular loss require several quick catchup saccades to maintain fixation (to one side with unilateral lesions and to both sides with bilateral lesions).
When a new vaccination schedule with a dose at 11 months with catchup chiến dịch is introduced, all 11- 14-month-old children are vaccinated.
The differential income levels across income-status groups over a variety of characteristics were first widened but began to converge in a catchup phase of growth.
This would indicate that any growth effects in the fetus are transient and are accompanied by a “catchup” phase in the post-natal period.
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