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move /mu:v/ danh từ sự vận động, sự dịch chuyển, sự xê dịchto make a move: dịch chuyển, đổi chuyển, sự xê dịchto make a move: dịch chuyển đổi chỗ, đứng dạy đi chỗ khácon the move: dịch chuyển, hoạt động và sinh hoạt; tiến triểnto get a move on: (từ lóng) hoạt động và sinh hoạt lên; làm kíp, tiến hành nhanh lẹ (đánh cờ) nướcthat was a good move: này là một nước hay lượt, lần, phiên (trong một trò chơi)it”s your move: tới lượt anh liệu pháp; bước ngoại động từ chuyển, dịch chuyển, chuyển dịch, xê dịch, đổi chỗ, dời chỗto move troops from one place to another: chuyển quân từ chỗ này quý phái chỗ khác lắc, lay, khuấy, quấy, làm vận động; nhấche can”t move his arm: nó ko thể nhắc được cánh tayto move heaven and earth: khuấy đảo trời đất, sử dụng đủ mọi liệu pháp, xoay xở đủ trò làm nhuận (tràng) thúc đẩy, kích thích, tạo ra, làm cho, xúi giục, gợiit moved them to anger: mẫu đó làm cho chúng nó nổi giận làm cảm động, làm xúc động, làm mũi lòng, gợi mối thương cảmto be moved to tears: cảm động tới ứa nước thị giác ý kiến đề nghịI move the adjournment of the meeting: tôi ý kiến đề nghị hoãn cuộc họp nội động từ vận động, động đậy, động đậy, cựa quậy, lay độngit was calm and not a leaf moved: trời lặng gió, ko một chiếc lá lay động đi, dịch chuyển, xê dịch, chuyển dịchit is about time we should move: đã đi đến giờ chúng ta phải đi hành vi, hoạt động và sinh hoạtto move about đi đi lại lại, đi quanh, chuyển quanh hay dọn nhà, hay thay đổi chỗ ởto move along tiến lênto move away dọn đi, cất đi đi xa, đi hẳnto move back lùi; kéo lùi lại, chuyển về phía sauto move forward tiến; cho tiến lên, chuyển về phía trướcto move in dọn nhà (tới chỗ ở mới)to move off ra đi, đi xato move on cho đi tiếp; tiến lênmove on: ý kiến đề nghị đi đi, đừng đứng ùn lại (lệnh của công an giao thông)to move out dọn nhà đito move up chuyển lên; trèo lên, tiến lên
chuyển dịchđichance move: nước đi ngẫu nhiênmove off: đi tiếpopening move: nước tiên phong tiênslide to move smoothly along a plane coast, crawl , creep: đi lẻn, bò, trườndi chuyểnblock move: dịch chuyển khốidata move instruction: lệnh dịch chuyển dữ liệumove operation: sự thao tác di chuyểnmove the center line: dịch chuyển đường tâmdi độngdịch chuyểnmove mode: cơ chế dịch chuyểnđiều khiểndời chỗđổi vị tríto move: thay đổi vị trínước đi (bài)Nghành nghề dịch vụ: xây dựngdờimove down: dời xuốngmove picture: dời hìnhrời chỗmove aparttách rời ramove backđẩy luimove backlùi lại phía saumove blockkhối chuyểnmove modechế độ chuyển độngmove modechế độ độngopposing movechạy theo hướng ngược lạiprime moveđầu máy kéoprime movenguyên động lựcto movedi chuyểnto movethay thếđề nghịmove in and out (to…)chuyển vào và chuyển ra o dịch chuyển, dời chỗ, đổi vị trí § move in : chuyển tới § move out : chuyển đi

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): move, movement, removal, remover, mover, move, remove, movable, unmoved, moving, movingly

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): move, movement, removal, remover, mover, move, remove, movable, unmoved, moving, movingly


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Từ điển Collocation

move noun

1 action to achieve sth; change in ideas/behaviour

ADJ. big, important, major, radical, significant, substantial | decisive | astute, brilliant, clever, good, inspired, sensible, shrewd, smart, wise | bad | right She wondered whether she had made the right move in telling the truth. | false, wrong One false move could lead to war. | positive | bold, brave, strong | defensive | serious | dramatic, shock (used in journalism), surprise, unexpected The company was put up for sale yesterday in a shock move by management. | obvious | interesting | unusual | controversial | conciliatory | popular | gradual | rapid | new | current, present the current move towards networked organizations | latest, recent | first, initial If he wants to see me, he should make the first move. | far-sighted | strategic, tactical | precautionary | logical | diplomatic, legal, military, political | career Getting a job in advertising was a good career move.

VERB + MOVE be, represent The talks represented the first significant move towards peace. | make The management has made no move to settle the strike. | prompt | initiate | signal The new legislation signalled a move away from state involvement in telecommunications. | spearhead The move is spearheaded by a former MP. | back, encourage, tư vấn | welcome | condemn | oppose, reject, resist | consider, contemplate | decide (on) They are waiting for the results of the opinion polls before deciding their next move. | announce The government announced its move to ban smoking in public spaces.

MOVE + VERB take place | be afoot, be underway Moves are afoot to increase car insurance premiums. | fail | be aimed at sth, be designed to do sth a move designed to control inflation | reflect sth The move reflects a change in approach to research.

PREP. in a/the ~ In a move which surprised commentators, the president sacked several cabinet ministers. | ~ against a move against drug dealers | ~ away from a move away from traditional Labour policies | ~ back to a move back to old teaching styles | ~ to/towards a move towards greater trade liberalization

PHRASES a move in the right direction Although the new environmental regulations are flawed, they represent a move in the right direction (= they do improve the current situation).

2 change of place

ADJ. false One false move and I”ll shoot! | sudden

VERB + MOVE make We should make a move (= leave) ? it”s really late.

PREP. ~ to/towards She made a move towards the door.

PHRASES be/keep (sb/sth) on the move His career as a petroleum engineer has kept him on the move (= kept him moving about from place to place). | every/no/one move She made no move as the lion sniffed at the tent. | follow/watch sb/sth”s every move The cubs followed their mother on the hunt, watching her every move. | get a move on We”re leaving in five minutes so you”d better get a move on (= hurry)! | make a move for sth (informal) He made a move for (= towards) the door.

3 change of house/job

ADJ. permanent | sideways His new job was a sideways move rather than a promotion. | house

MOVE + VERB take place

PREP. ~ from, ~ to a move from London to Leeds

4 in a board game

ADJ. brilliant, good | bad | opening | chess

VERB + MOVE learn She learned all the chess moves when she was four. | play

PREP. on a/the ~ She captured the rook with her bishop on the 32nd move.

Từ điển WordNet


the act of deciding to do something

he didn”t make a move to help

his first move was to hire a lawyer

(game) a player”s turn to take some action permitted by the rules of the game


move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion

He moved his hand slightly to the right

change residence, affiliation, or place of employment

We moved from Idaho to Nebraska

The basketball player moved from one team to another

go or proceed from one point to another

the debate moved from family values to the economy

arouse sympathy or compassion in

Her fate moved us all

dispose of by selling

The chairman of the company told the salesmen to move the computers

live one”s life in a specified environment

she moves in certain circles only

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. A command or an instruction to transfer information from one location to another. Depending on the operation involved, a move can affect data in a computer’s memory or it can affect text or a graphical image in a data file. In programming, for example, a move instruction might transfer a single value from one memory location to another. In applications, on the other hand, a move command might relocate a paragraph of text or all or part of a graphic from one place in a document to another. Unlike a copy procedure, which duplicates information, a move indicates that information either is or can be deleted from its original location. Compare copy.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

moves|moved|movingsyn.: affect animate arouse budge change convince impel induce influence motivate persuade prompt stimulate stir swayant.: stop

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