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Minecraft: Java Edition For Pc/Mac

So I’m taking a game design course in university, and many of us are using Java. Right now we’re working on text based games, but our professor wants to know if there’s a way for us to upload our games trực tuyến and have them played. I don’t know how though because I still can’t get it to run without a compiler, so I don’t know how someone would be able to tải về and play it. Do any of you guys know how?


If you can compile your game into a jar, you can make that jar available to tải về to your classmates, via Dropbox for example. That’s one possible way of many…

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Aside from Java Web Start you can also use JLink to ship a ‘native’ application, assuming you’re on Java 9 or later.

George Mason University. My professor teaches game design from an artistic view point not a scientific one. He also doesn’t necessarily have enough experience with java to know something lượt thích this, as the games he has worked on coding weren’t written in Java.

So are you asking how to package up a java application so other people can play it? Or are you asking how to make a web based game?

GWT might be an option, but it is not trivial. This is an example project of a JavaFX Pacman that was later adapted to be compiled with GWT. GWT transpiles it to JS so you can see the original game running in the browser.

You can look into Java Sockets, NIO, or RMI if you want to create a client application that connects to a server. Or you can get into Servlets and present a game through HTML pages. Either will require a server of course, so if you aren’t familiar with setting up your own then you can probably get a small linux box for cheap from DigitalOcean or Amazon Web Services. There you can install Java and then run your game. The issue is how you want your players to connect to your game, which is where the first few suggestions come in. It’s possible to just let them SSH into your server and run the game through a java command, too, though not really ideal.

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The “tải về and delivery” issue for Java is one that Java Web Start partially resolves. That only covers the “how do you get it down to your machine and run it” issue – it doesn’t resolve the “there’s a server out there somewhere to maintain game state and make sure clients aren’t cheating”

Note that this is a fully functional stand alone Java application that exists outside of the applet sandbox. To that end, it makes me personally hesitant to run any JWS application.

Unfortunately, Java Web Start is gone starting Java 11. Depending on OP’s university, it might still be okay to use Java Web Start as the university computers may have Java installed.

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Another route, depending on what OP is allowed to use, writing with a library lượt thích libgdx will allow the game to be packaged into a webpage powered by JavaScript and all that is needed is standard hosting.


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