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Legendary Heroes – Tải về trò chơi Moba Offline 5V5

Best Moba Games For Android

Good news for you MOBA game enthusiasts, the article is that some game developers have reportedly released the offline android MOBA game. Are you curious about the game? continue to read this article until the end.

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The Moba game is one type of game that is very popular among Android users. trò chơi genres included in this type of game include RPG, Action, and adventure action.

One of the most popular android MOBA games is Mobile Legends. Until now, the Mobile Legends game MOBA has been played by more than 100 million android users. This number almost beat the best soccer game player, ePES 2020 Mobile.

Apart from Mobile Legend, we also have recommendations for other best offline MOBA games for android users. Well, instead of being curious, just look at the complete information below.

Recommended Best Không tính phí Offline Android MOBA Games

1. Legendary Heroes


Mobile LegendsPublisher: Moonton.Genre: Action.Rating: 4.1.Size: 98 MB.

22. Garena AOV

Publisher: MOBA Games Private Limited.Genre: Action.Rating: 3.5.Size: Varies.

23. Paladins Strike

Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios Inc.Genre: Action.Rating: 3.5.Size: 35 MB.

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24. Aurum Blade EX

Publisher: Oddy Arts.Genre: RPG.Rating: 4.2.Size: 17 MB.

25. Eternal Story ( Not Available)

Publisher: Fighting Action Games.Genre: Action.Rating: 4.0.Size: 70 MB.

26. Brave Legends

Publisher: UnlockGame.Genre: RPG.Rating: 4.4.Size: 89 MB.

27. Clash for Dawn

Issuer: LEDO (HK).Genre: RPG.Rating: 4.1.Size: 44 MB.

28. Idle Undead Beauty

Publisher: Idle Fun.Genre: RPG.Rating: 4.6.Size: 92 MB.

29. Iron Blade

Publisher: Gameloft SE.Genre: Action.Rating: 4.0.Size: 43 MB


Those are some Android MOBA games that you can play offline and trực tuyến. So, from the many MOBA games that we mentioned above, which one do you think is the most interesting? As for me, personally, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang. This game is one of the best user war games I have ever played.

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