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Challenges to the quality and rapport in the practitioner-patient relationship, perhaps as a result of research activity, will therefore have a longer-term impact.
Patients responded positively to advice when in an appropriate context and by a health professional with whom they had developed a relationship and rapport.
Although rapport management is very much explored in terms of language tương tác in crosscultural and intercultural situations, only two chapters specifically involve a business setting.
Throughout the project we placed priority on building a close rapport with one another and openly speaking about personal issues as well as professional matters.
This results in even more confusion as well as loss of expertise and rapport when organisations lose the government contract to provide services.
More cognitively, do we not feel rapport when discovering that another person shares our likes and dislikes?
This article focuses on describing this positive and friendly aspect of interactions realised through the participants” use of specific rapport-building strategies.
Attunement prepares individuals for exploration, risk-taking, concentration and rapport and requires the development of trust between individuals.
In addition, forming a good relationship and rapport with the patient and family is viewed as a critical pre-requisite to quality care.

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We seek rapport with tradition; we take meaning from our relationship to it, as the ancients did from their relationship to the cosmos.
The interviewers described these chats as essential in building up rapport and trust with the participant, and for alleviating their concerns.
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