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1. To remain near someone or something by moving as fast as them or it. I was surprised that I managed to keep up with Janet on our run. There”s no way your clunky little station wagon can keep up with a sports car lượt thích mine!
2. To be at a similar level of progress or success in life as someone else, especially one”s friends, family, or peers. Social truyền thông media has made us feel even more pressure to keep up with everyone we know in completely unachievable ways. A: “Why did she buy such an expensive car?” B: “Well, she lives in a wealthy part of town—I bet she just wants to keep up with the Joneses.”
3. To manage to progress at the same rate as another person or organization. Keeping up with the go-getters in this office is a real challenge, but I think you”re up to it. So far, Floogle is the only company that has kept up with Mango in the smartphone market.
4. To remain informed and knowledgeable about something, as by closely following the latest developments. It”s so hard to keep up with the news these days, especially when a huge story seems to break every day. It”s my job to keep up with the most recent developments in the tech sector.
5. To know what is happening in someone”s life, as by remaining in regular liên hệ. Have you been keeping up with your cousins? What”s Mary-Kate up to these days? Gosh, I haven”t kept up with Tom in years. I had no idea he moved to Europe!
6. To update one”s behavior, beliefs, fashion, lifestyle, etc., to reflect or adapt to what is the most current or trendy. He has always kept up with the latest fashion trends. That senator needs to keep up with the times and stop saying things that are wildly inappropriate in today”s world. Traditional publishers have to keep up with modern technology if they hope to survive in the market.
7. To manage to understand and remain engaged with someone or something, such as a debate, discussion, argument, etc. Sarah and her co-workers were throwing around so much industry jargon that I had a hard time keeping up with them. If you can”t keep up with the conversation, maybe you should just go do something else.
8. To continue making progress according to a schedule or pace dictated by someone or something else. I just can”t keep up with the deadlines my boss keeps setting. Keeping up with a workout regimen takes willpower and dedication.
9. To continue doing something that requires practice. I haven”t kept up with my Japanese since high school, so I can barely remember any of it anymore. I wish you had kept up with the saxophone. You were so talented!

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(redirected from keep up with)
See also:in place ofin place of (someone or something)in place of somebody/somethingkeep (something) on the down lowkeep it on the down-lowdownlowcrack onto (someone or something)be staring (something) in the facebe staring something in the facein default of

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Rachel says, `Avonlea must keep up with the procession, that”s what.” But somehow I feel as if I didn”t want Avonlea spoiled by what Mr.

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But it is definitely a major source of motivation for me – we have to keep up with it as the events get faster, keep improving.

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With the balls coming in from all angles I was spinning around lượt thích a headless chicken trying to keep up with where the next pass was coming from.
Football: STILL WAITING FOR THE CALL FROM MERSE; After three days being put through his paces with Walsall, Mercury Thể Thao”s LEE McLAUGHLAN is

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▲keep tokeep to (oneself)keep to (something)keep to a minimumkeep to oneselfkeep to the straight and narrowkeep to, stay on, etc. the straight and narrowkeep togetherkeep trackkeep track of (someone or something)keep track of something/someonekeep tryingkeep underkeep under (something)keep under coverkeep under hatkeep under one’s hatkeep under wrapskeep until (some point in time)keep until some timekeep upkeep up an actkeep up appearanceskeep up the actkeep up the good workkeep up withkeep up with (someone or something)keep up with the Joneseskeep up with the timeskeep up, move, etc. with the timeskeep watchkeep watch onkeep watch overkeep weather eye openkeep withkeep with (someone or something)keep withinkeep within (something or some place)keep within boundskeep wits aboutkeep wordkeep you on the edge of your seatkeep you on your toeskeep your . . .keep your breath to cool your porridgekeep your cards close to your chestkeep your chin upkeep your coolkeep your distancekeep your ear to the groundkeep your end up▼
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▲keep up his sleeve keep up my act keep up my end of the bargain keep up my side of the bargain keep up my sleeve keep up on keep up one”s act keep up one”s end of the bargain keep up one”s side of the bargain keep up one”s sleeve keep up our act keep up our end of the bargain keep up our side of the bargain keep up our sleeve keep up our sleeves keep up sleeve keep up somebody”s sleeve keep up someone”s sleeve keep up that act keep up the act Keep Up the Good Spirit and Whatever You Are Doing Keep Up The Good Work Keep Up The Good Work keep up their act keep up their end of the bargain keep up their side of the bargain keep up their sleeve keep up their sleeves keep up this act keep up to date keep up with keep up with (someone or something) keep up with her keep up with him keep up with me keep up with one keep up with someone keep up with something keep up with the Joneses keep up with the Joneses keep up with the Joneses keep up with the times keep up with them keep up with us keep up with you keep up your act keep up your end of the bargain keep up your side of the bargain keep up your sleeve keep up, move, etc. with the times keep us about keep us ahead keep us ahead of keep us amused keep us apart keep us around keep us at a distance keep us at arm”s length keep us at arm”s length from keep us away keep us back ▼
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