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Surely many people love the cartoon Tom & Jerry, a legendary series. But the Tom cat in Talking Tom Gold Run is not that cat. This is the famous trick cat in a blockbuster mobile game. It sounds lượt thích My Talking Tom 2 (also of Outfit7 Limited), but it’s not lượt thích it.

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Talking Tom Gold Run APK will bring you wonderful relaxing moments. This game has attracted nearly 200 million downloads worldwide. From nearly 4 million votes on Google Play, it has reached 4.4/5. While iOS users are even more favored with 4.6.

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Summary about Talking Tom Gold Run MOD APK

trò chơi name Talking Tom Gold Run MOD APK
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Category Endless Run
Size 85Mb
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Android 4.4 and Up


Tom Gold Run is an endless running genre game. You may find it familiar with cult games lượt thích Talking Tom Hero Dash or Temple Run … But this game has a completely different story. This is the story of a race to recover the stolen gold of Tom & Angela.

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They have to chase after bandits to get back the stolen gold. The couple’s dream is to have gold to build their dream home. Dreams are big and meaningful, aren’t you? Who doesn’t tư vấn that ideal!


Special reward

After each mission completed, in addition to earning a lot of gold, you can get many treasure chests containing extremely valuable items. Besides, the bigger tasks include medals for your cat Tom. Do not miss!

Connect with friends

The most special feature of Talking Tom Gold Run as well as all versions of Talking Tom in general is that there is a great connection between friends. You can now share to your personal page lượt thích Facebook or Instagram to show your score to your friends.


If you are a special fan of the lovely cat Tom, you absolutely must not ignore this extremely attractive version of Talking Tom Gold Run. The game is suitable for all ages to be entertained anytime, anywhere. Join the adventure of Tom cat and cute friends today!

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