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Named Place Required: Place of Delivery, Usually Seller’s Premises

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EXW, short for “Ex Works,” places most responsibility with the buyer. The seller is expected to have the goods ready for collection at the agreed place of delivery (commonly the seller’s factory, mill, plant or warehouse). The buyer is accountable for all subsequent costs and risk, including all export procedures, starting with loading the goods onto a transport vehicle at the seller’s premises.

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In practice, it is not uncommon for a seller to load goods onto the vehicle instead, at the risk and cost of the buyer—or even không tính phí of charge. However, such an agreement must be made within the contract of sales.

If the buyer cannot handle the export processes and procedures, use FCA instead of EXW shipping.

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The buyer covers all costs from seller’s door to final destination.

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EXW Incoterm – Obligations

Seller’s Obligations

Goods, commercial invoice and documentationPlace goods at buyer’s disposal at the named place on the agreed upon dateNotice to the buyer to enable deliveryExport packaging and marking

Buyer’s Obligations

Pay the price of the goods as stated in sales contractProvide seller with evidence of having taken deliveryLoading at seller’s location (unless otherwise agreed upon)Export licenses and customs formalitiesPre-carriage to terminalLoading chargesMain carriageDischarge and onward carriageImport formalities and dutiesCost of pre-shipment inspection

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