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Consider and regard can both mean ‘believe’ or ‘realise’ or ‘understand’. When they mean ‘believe’ or ‘realise’ or ‘understand’, we don’t often use the continuous forms. …
The union is the largest in the country and in this/that regard is best placed to serve its members.
to consider or think about something in a particular way, or to look carefully at someone or something:
used to send good wishes to someone at the end of a letter or an email, or to ask someone to give greetings to another person who is not present:
In the above conversation, the nurse followed up her responsibilities agreed at the discharge planning meeting regarding discussing discharge issues with the patient.
The qualitative analyses focus on the learners” metalinguistic knowledge with regard to article selection.
Controlling relationships vary from those that involve contingent regard and psychological control to those that are physically controlling and coercive.
Given the observed difference between men and women as regards to psychological distress, all analyses were conducted separately for men and women.
Assertives engage the speaker regarding the truth of the statement he/she is making : the psychological state being expressed is a belief.

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Reliability between reviewers (regarding the decision to include or exclude an article) was calculated using kappa statistics.
Up until the twentieth century, regulations regarding marital fitness tended to follow the common-law rules on the capacity of parties to contract.
Conclusions regarding the possible connexion between the mean particle paths and the temperature field must be made with caution.
A random railway is a random 3-regular multigraph where each vertex is regarded as a switch in a randomly chosen orientation.
Obtaining robustness for a discourse parser is a demanding task due to the many unresolved theoretical issues regarding the derivation of the discourse structure.
So we would argue that modelling by region is superior to modelling by rounds, both on theoretical grounds and as regards the empirical evidence.




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