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Hydrophobic Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Hydrophobic Trong Tiếng Việt

Researchers modified the particles” surfaces so that one side was water repelling, or hydrophobic, and the other was water attracting, or hydrophilic.

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When hydrophobic molecules are solvated in bulk water, possibilities for resolving some of the frustrations in the hydrogen networks appear.
A scenario emerges from these studies in which calcium ions coordinate the structure of interhemichannel hydrophobic domains.
Real proteins have a large ” two-letter ” component to their energy functions, loosely corresponding to hydrophobichydrophobic and hydrophobic-hydrophilic interactions.
It was necessary to find out whether the binding of hydrophobic compounds occurred to other parasites.
Detergents, which are commonly used for stabilizing and purifying hydrophobic molecules, can also be problematic, as detergent micelles scatter very well.
The nội dung of conserved hydrophobic residues in this hairpin is unusually high, and this suggests that the hairpin may interact with a hydrophobic partner.
In addition to the charged amino acids, certain hydrophobic residues appeared to contribute to the membrane binding and translocation.
The conserved residues are dominated by glycines and internal hydrophobic amino acids and appear to be identical for structural reasons.
The thioredoxin interaction area is different and contains more hydrophobic residues and three histidines one of them very close to the active site.
In another possible application, these groups could be part of designed ligands, which may site-specifically penetrate the hydrophobic cores of proteins, possibly inactivating them.

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Furthermore, biologically important weak interactions, such as hydrophobic interactions and hydrogen bonding, are weaker at higher temperatures.
Upon drying, the hydrophobic effect ceases, but the dried cells, nevertheless, maintain their cellular organization.
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a device that uses lenses to make very small objects look larger, so that they can be scientifically examined and studied

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