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In case we were not able to activate Windows 10 trực tuyến, we have another option which is to activate Windows 10 by phone.


To access this type of activation one of the ways is to type “Run” in the Cortana tìm kiếm engine and then the “Run” application will appear. Nhấp chuột on the application.


Then a small window will appear and we”ll type the command “SLUI 4”


Until now, by executing the “SLUI 4” command, a window appeared where the menu where we activated Windows 10 by phone was displayed. As of this March 2020, the updated versions of Windows 10 no longer allow the activation menu to be called in this way.

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Now to enter said menu go to Start > Settings > Update and Security > Activation and nhấp chuột on “Change product key”. If once we enter the product key, we are shown this message:


Then behind the blue window that shows us the activation error, the option “Activate by phone” must appear in blue letters. Nhấp chuột there and the window for activation by phone will open:


We select our country and give you


We”ll get two phones from Spain. One miễn phí and one paid. We will call the miễn phí one.

So we pick up our mobile, call the miễn phí phone and an automatic voice-over will answer. It will ask us to enter the numbers that appear as installation IDs on the keypad of the mobile phone, one group after another, until we insert the 9.

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Once this has been done, a locution will answer us, which will list a series of numbers that we will introduce in each block associated with a letter. We recommend having paper and pen at hand to write the numbers that the locution lists. Then you will enter them into the computer.

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When we have written the confirmation ID, we hit “Activate Windows” and that”s it.

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