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Theme: Abundant themes and wallpapers are here for you to chooseHi Tìm kiếm: Frequently-used apps, newsvàinformation, fast and efficient tìm kiếm for what you want

Simple: Reduce dragging operations; long press icons or folders to directly operate

Cool: Dynamic icon of Camera; two fingers mediate to edit the desktop

Efficient: Hi Tìm kiếm helps you quickly find the nội dung and apps you want; main menu botton can be randomly dragged on the bottom of dock; on main menu, new thư mục can be created and icons can be dragged to put on any interface you want to put; long press app to share with other phones

There are 13 languages currently supported by HiOS Launcher: English, Français, Kiswahili, አማርኛ, Afaan Oromoo, العربية,ትግርኛ , Português(Portugal),Español(Latin),বাংলা,اردو, , Indonesia, فارسی


What’s New

Release note: 1. Now you can share application with your friend ; 2. you can remove thư mục from desktop; 3. add an option to turn on blur background

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Additional information
Name HiOS Launcher – 2018Wallpaper, Theme, Cool,Smart
Package com.transsion.hilauncher
Size 10.70 MB
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Developed By Shalltry Group

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