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an organ of the toàn thân or of a plant that secretes (= produces) liquid chemicals that have various purposes:

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an organ of the toàn thân that produces chemicals that influence activities such as growth, and that has an important effect on health:
It is unlikely that she will focus on their mammary glands since they are characteristic only of the females.
Our results offer little tư vấn to the view that oral contraceptives may protect against disorders of the sebaceous glands.
In prostate gland, only the larger splice variant is detected, indicating differential processing of the message in the two tissues.
At present sour, sugar-free sweets are advised to aid the stimulation of the salivary gland in conjunction with at least 8 glasses of water daily.
The aggregates are formed by the release of the adhesive post-acetabular gland secretion which causes the cercariae to stick together.
A firm, well circumscribed nodule with a homogenous pale purple cut surface was found in the right adrenal gland.
Furthermore, the state of maturation of the sporozoites in the tick salivary glands is difficult to estimate by histological examination.

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Upon entering a snail, the parasite migrates to the heart and digestive gland where it transforms into successive stages of sporocysts.
Dissemination may occur to multiple organs including the skin, oesophagus, liver, lungs, adrenal glands, pancreas, bowel, kidneys, bone marrow and joints.
While tumor development is generally solitary, all glands can demonstrate varying numbers of hyperplastic nodules and foci.
A large, irregularly-shaped nucleus containing clumps of condensed chromatin is situated at the end of each gland.
The gland contains glycogen deposits, and rough endoplasmic reticulum distended into cisternae with granular material.





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