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Vitae Membership – Founder Members subscription Started Hurry Join Now & Không tính tiền Members Sign Up Starts Soon…

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Vitae is a new state of the art social truyền thông platform. Instead of keeping all the revenue to ourselves, we share the bulk of income with our users. Social truyền thông has turned into a multibillion-dollar business at a breakneck pace. It’s time to give some of that money back to the user. After all, it’s you, the user, that puts in the work.

Vitae is a NEW AGE social truyền thông platform combined with a social rewards network, the purpose: Bring the freedom back to you, + opportunity for financial freedom

You don’t have to change your habits to start earning money. More and more people are spending an increasing amount of time on social truyền thông platforms. We won’t ask you to stop. We won’t ask you to do different things. No, we want to reward you for your efforts.Your likes and shares are worth money. Small businesses profit from their nội dung going viral. But it’s the big social truyền thông companies who gain the most. Today’s social truyền thông giants are keeping all profits to themselves. Vitae aims to change this. We strive for an equilibrium where everyone gets its fair share of the profit. Vitae enables influencers to get the most direct rewards of any social network and for the first time also their followers will enjoy rewards as well.

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HURRY Join Vitae Founder Membership. It will Closed once it launch publicly. No Vitae Paid Subscription accepted once it open for Public & Không tính tiền Users. (Note : This Lauch date is not official Annoucement from Company this is just a news from group on Internet)

If You Sign up for Vitae, You”ll have huge Profit Income from Vitae Social Truyền thông media Platform. Here are some of the different type of Income and benefits of Vitae Subscription & Vitae Membership Plan.


Purpose Matrix Income

Vitae Purpose Matrix is Sponsor Forced Matrix with 3 x 8 structure. Purpose Matrix Can Generate $28546 / Month Income


Garden Matrix

Garden Matrix is filled by Unit. 1 Unit contains 150 Likes. Its 5×5 Matrix and Fill simultaneously. Each unit give $344 Income.

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Destiny Matrix

Destiny Matrix will Provide $200 for once or twice to all user. This is Huge Bonus provided to each members who upgrade membership


Sponsor Income

You will get Huge Sponsor income from Your joining thành viên. Not only for Joining But if Your downline buy Unit you will get income.

Residual Retention System

Vitae Residual Retention System / RSS System Provides Income from Your Existing Team Build for Every Month & For Life time.

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Setup Your Own business with power of Vitae social truyền thông platform & Earn more than 6 type of Profit income using this System.

Why Vitae is Best Business to Join 2020 ?


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