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Funko Games: Pop! Funkoverse: Kool, 2021 Big trò chơi Contest – viettingame


Kool Da Great – B.I.G. – Beast In the Game1. B.I.G. Intro – Count Bluntas2. Higher Than Ever Before – ft. Moey Toons on Guitar3. BIG – ft. Prosice4. Currency – ft. Major Lyrics5. Ben On That6. Double7. It’s Nuthin – ft. Prosice8. Touch the Sky9. A Hundred Songs10.

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Drop Dombs – ft. Lavish Life11. Tầm thường unique GangstazExecutive Producer: Count BluntasRecorded, Mixed & Mastered at Golden Goonz StudiosMusic Production by Count BluntasArtwork by Charles Ooge UgasKool-da-great gives Special thanks to: Golden Goonz Ent,count bluntas, F-Dub, Prosice, Major Lyrics, Lavish Life,Moey Toons, Charles Ooge Ugas, Frankie Fingaz, Zeps,Sour DPiesel, Kajmir beats, Ugly, 730, Ravenwoods housing,121 sutphin, Deshai Williams & M.I.M.S, my Mother & Father &the rest of my Fam.R.I.P. to my borther Jo-Jo2012 Golden Goonz Entertainment LLC, 1625 Emmons Ave 4u,Brooklyn NY 11235. All Rights Reserved.Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.http://www.goldengoonz.comCheck out Kool-Da-Great on his journey to success as he makes the transition from street’s most talked about to music industries best.Some of Kool-Da-Great influences would have to be life it’s self and the many non believer’s. The thing that sets Kool-Da-Great apart from others is with him it’s more lượt thích what you see is what you get, a truthful, not perfect, down to earth, god fearing man who’s just trying to share his god giving talent with the world while expressing his inner thoughts of the world the way he see it as well as life experiences. Growing up listening to rap music from the late 80’s through out the 90’s that’s the style of music he adapted to and felt in love with, so with that said you can still relive that era through his music as well as a touch of the new school music.Kool-Da-Great’s mix tape {The Harsh Reality}is on over 20 internet music site’s and over 40 trực tuyến music store’s. Kool-Da-Great is already on several internet radio station’s and is currently in the process of submitting his music to even more internet radio station’s as well as blogs and email blasts to many avàr’s, DJ’s and other music related sources. You can currently find Kool-Da-Great all over the internet or performing in a town near you when doing shows. Kool-Da-Great is an extraordinary up and coming Rap/Hip-Hop artist out of Jamaica NY with an exciting style and flow that’s highly anticipated for greatness and often compared to the Hip/Hop’s great, Jay-z.

Genre Hip Hop

Contains tracks

B.I.G. Intro by GoldenGoonz

Higher Than Ever Before – Kool Da Great ft. Moey Toons by GoldenGoonz

Big – Kool Da Great ft. Prosice by GoldenGoonz

Currency – Kool Da Great ft. Major Lyrics by GoldenGoonz

Been On That – Kool Da Great by GoldenGoonz

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