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” Fruitful Là Gì – Nghĩa Của Từ Fruitful

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His research aims at understanding consciousness as a natural biological phenomenon and at fruitful interaction between philosophical and empirical research in the study of consciousness.
Indeed, the history of widowhood has been one of the most fruitful paths for the exploration of female identity.
Most fruitful to that study is understanding the ” fundamental symbolic system underlying the whole range of ritual institutions ” (145).
One of the interesting features of the synthesis of thirteenth – century is a more fruitful interaction between the kalam and falsafa.
The practice of inferring the activity of either autonomic branch from heart rate alone is outdated and unlikely to be fruitful in the future.
With general acceptance of the complexity of this latter process in mind, the comments have usefully underlined some fruitful and significant areas of research.
The analysis of interactions between pairs of parasites in laboratory experiments has been a fruitful exercise and has not yet been exhausted.
Given the similarity of constructivist ambitions, there may be fruitful connections to exploit between these two programs.

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Such changes also produced a revolution in the images of geometrical knowledge and simultaneously triggered interesting and fruitful processes of reflexive thinking in mathematics.
Moreover, many of the approaches adopted here are somewhat novel and appear fruitful; others should be made aware of them.
Unfortunately, several factors in this case precluded a more fruitful intervention at the late stage when we were consulted.
Despite these criticisms, a kinematic-wave approach to the secondary instability may yet prove fruitful.




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