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I’ve seen a lot of people snapped when their AutoCAD showing the deadly fatal error message. Of course, the first one to blame is AutoCAD. After using and troubleshooting AutoCAD for several years, I found out that it’s not always AutoCAD problem. There are a lot of things can cause this. Bugs maybe there, but many times it is not caused by it.

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Eliminate Them!

First, you have to eliminate the possibilities what cause the error: is it machine specific? Or is it file specific? I think it might be cruel to say it can also human specific, but how people using AutoCAD can cause this.

Try to reproduce your problem. Does this occur on all of your machine? Does this happen when you open a specific file? Try to open your file on different machine, and see if it also cause error there. Also try to create a new file from scratch using default templates and see if this still occur.

I saw an AutoCAD user always create his drawing from his previous drawing. He was too lazy to redefine all of the styles and settings he needed. And he didn’t aware about creating a template for this purpose. So he open his old file, create his drawing, and delete objects he didn’t need. That’s a bad workflow. This will cause your file become more and more complex. A lot of objects can make your file corrupt. This problem never occur when he still use his old AutoCAD (i forgot the version) and when he is assigned to another division, using AutoCAD LT 2007, this error starting to show up. Of course, he blame his AutoCAD LT. I don’t know why this never show up before. Maybe because Autodesk has changed the file format, file header (to recognize if this file is a trusted DWG?) or may be because the application is become more and more complex it become more vulnerable. I told him to try create a new file, and draw with it. The problem is never show up again. This is a file (or human?) specific problem.

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The next problem I know is it’s conflicted with antivirus or spyware application. Or may be even a virus. I never experience it, but saw it in Autodesk knowledge base page. If this occur after you installed an application, it might the one who caused it. It can also because your Windows just installed an automatic update. I found this happen, and saw this in knowledge base page. It suggest me to install a service pack.

So it can caused by software bugs. Sure, you should send CER (customer error reports) when it show up. If there are any similar issue has been solved, Autodesk will email you what you should do. You can read more about CERS in Shaan blog.

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The other thing that can cause this, is hardware problem. I experienced this by myself. I added physical RAM to my PC, and when my drawing gets bigger, the application is just crashed. It is easy to see because it happen to all of my application. So I just remove it, and the problem is gone. It is slower, but more reliable.

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