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Quick Summary: What is the difference between another and other?

A simple rule to help you remember the difference between another and other is:

another + singular noun other + plural noun others (a pronoun to replace other + plural noun)

I need another cup. (cup is singular so we use another) I need other cups. (cups is plural so we use other) I need others. (refers to other cups)


When to use ANOTHER

Another means:

one more, an additional, an extra a different one; an alternative one

Another is a determiner (and a qualifier) that goes before a singular countable noun or a pronoun.

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Another + Singular Countable noun

Another can be followed by a singular countable noun.

He has bought another motorbike. Would you lượt thích another cup of coffee? Don’t worry about the rain. We can go another day. I think you should paint it another color. We are having another baby.

Another + One

Another can be placed before “one” when the meaning is clear from the text before it.

I have already eaten two sandwiches though now I want another one. (= an additional sandwich) A: You can borrow more of these books if you lượt thích. B: Ok, I’ll take another one. (= another book, one more book)

Another as a pronoun

Sometimes another is used as a pronoun.

That piece of cake was tasty. I think I’ll have another. (another = one more piece of cake) I don’t lượt thích this room. Let’s ask for another. (another = another room)

Note: you can also say: “I think I’ll have another one.” and “Let’s ask for another one.”

Another + number + plural noun

Another can be used before a plural noun when there is a number before that noun or before phrases such as a couple of, a few etc.

In another 20 years my máy tính xách tay is going to be obsolete. I lượt thích this city so much that I’m going to spend another three days here. We need another three teachers before classes begin. He was given another couple of months to finish the sculpture.

Remember another is ONE word not two words (an other is incorrect)

When to use OTHER

Other is a determiner that goes before plural countable nouns, uncountable nouns or a pronoun.

Other + Plural Countable Noun

Other can be followed by a plural countable noun.

We have other styles if you are interested. Have you got any other dresses, or are these the only ones? Some days are sunny though other days can be very rainy. I have invited some other people. I can’t help you because I’m busy with other things.

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Other + Ones

Other can be placed before the pronoun “ones” when the meaning is clear from the text before it.

We don’t need those books, we need other ones. (= different books) A: You can borrow my books if you lượt thích. B: Thanks, but I need other ones. (= other books)

Note: you can say other one when it refers to wanting the alternative.

I don”t want this one, I want the other one.

Others as a pronoun

Others replaces “other ones” or “other + plural noun”. Only others can be used as a pronoun and not other.

I don’t lượt thích these postcards. Let’s ask for others. (others = other postcards) Some of the presidents arrived on Monday. Others arrived the following day.

Others – the others

Often “(the) others” refers to “(the) other people”.

He has no interest in helping others. (= in helping other people) What are the others doing tonight?

What is the difference between other and others?

Other is followed by a noun or a pronoun Others is a pronoun and is NOT followed by a noun.

These shoes are too small. Do you have any other shoes? These shoes are too small. Do you have any others? (no noun after others)

Next activity

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