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By Jeremy Dunham
When your game sells over two million units worldwide in less than two years, company honchos are going to notice. Such is the situation that KOEI Corporation has experienced since the smash success of Dynasty Warriors 3 and its incredibly striking numbers when it first appeared in nhật bản as Shin Sangokumusou 2 back in 2001. Already revisited with the special add-on pack Xtreme Legends in late 2002, the expectation of another sequel to the Dynasty Warriors series was about as likely as death and taxes. And with the final touches on the American version of DW4 now a distant memory, KOEI is poised once again to shatter sales records and increase its dominance of the action/slasher market.

Developed by the battle experts at Omega Force, Dynasty Warriors 4 returns to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era with plenty of gusto. Addressing several graphical problems, character balancing issues, and deepening its value with several new gameplay elements, it could definitely be received as the best in the series (though XL fans would be happy to debate that with you). If hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemy soldiers isn’t your idea of a good time, however, then DW4 may not be your cup of tea. Gameplay The DW series is about as basic as you can get: Select a character, equip them with a plethora of badass weapons, and send them into battle against hundreds, sometimes thousands of enemies until there’s nothing left to kill. Yet despite its simple premise, the games always find a way to transcend their humble beginnings and become so much more than a typical hacker. Whether it’s the RPG-like progression of its characters, the historically accurate settings, or the sheer amount of enemies coming at you at any one time, Dynasty Warriors is inspiring proof that the sum can be a much greater whole than its parts.


That tradition continues with Dynasty Warriors 4. As this time Omega Force has gotten really ambitious with what it’s decided to include and has improved various gameplay systems for the better. In fact, there have been so many changes made to this year’s edition of Shin Sangokumusou, that it’s difficult to pinpoint an area in which to begin. That said; the most impressive addition to Dynasty Warriors 4 has to be the improved enemy intelligence and the way it approaches every battle. The improvement itself is really quite simple; Omega Force has altered the behaviors of the enemies from patterns to reactions. Or rather, they’ve become less predictable. In the past, you knew that when traveling through the opening stages of the Yellow Turban Rebellion that the same set of opponents would always be near the drawbridge as you entered the premises. In Dynasty Warriors 4, that isn’t the case at all. This time, the enemies rush you if you get close or run away when you’re kicking butt. No two games we played were ever the same in terms of enemy strategy, and it wasn’t uncommon to find ourselves standing our ground to fight off hordes of aggressors in one turn while chasing their cowardly carcasses around the stage in the next. This dynamic alone already made DW4 a considerable improvement over the last game.

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Dynasty Warriors 4

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Conquer over 50 stages across 17 unique maps, more than any other DYNASTY WARRIORS game! There are fierce new one-on-one duels with enemy officers, Giant siege engines, essential to battlefield victory, including catapults, battering rams, bridge layers, flame throwing tiger tanks and more. Create you own officers and bodyguards in the, a DYNASTY WARRIORS first!

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