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Don’T Mind Nghĩa Là Gì, Don L Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra L 2006 – viettingame

2 : to wrap oneself in : take on sense 3a the donning of new and more tyrannous moralities— Edward Sapir

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1 : a head (see head entry 1 sense 6a), tutor, or fellow (see fellow sense 5) in a college of Oxford or Cambridge University she didn”t want to be a don”s wife and live in Oxford forever— Virginia Woolf broadly : a college or university professor
2 donno, literally, lord, from Latin dominus> : a powerful Mafia leader

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river 1224 miles (1969 kilometers) long in Russia in Europe flowing southeast and then southwest into the Sea of Azov

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Synonyms & Antonyms for don

Synonyms: Verb

Antonyms: Verb

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Recent Examples on the Web: Verb The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”s premiere episode ended with a cliffhanger that introduced John Walker (Wyatt Russell) as the U.S. government”s pick to carry the shield and don the suit after Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). — Nick Romano, EW.com, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”s Wyatt Russell on how his Captain America differs from Steve Rogers,” 26 Mar. 2021 Audacious dressers, consider this your chance to don one of Cult Gaia’s intricately cut-out garbs. — Alexis Bennett, Vogue, “20 Dresses to Parade Around In on Easter Sunday,” 25 Mar. 2021 Here to prove age is just a number is Grandpa Monster, The Masked Singer”s newest celebrity to don a version of the beloved monster mask from past seasons. — Lauren Puckett, Good Housekeeping, “Who Is Grandpa Monster on “The Masked Singer”? Fans Have an Idea Already,” 17 Mar. 2021 But businesses, on their own, are không tính phí to require that anyone entering their premises don a mask. — Joshua Fechter, San Antonio Express-News, “San Antonio stores must post their policies on masks – customers deserve to know “whether they”re entering a safe environment,” says county judge,” 9 Mar. 2021 McCarthy had shaved his hair for a Broadway play, forcing him to don the world”s worst Blane wig on the soundstage recreated to look lượt thích the prom (originally shot at Los Angeles” historic Biltmore Khách sạn ballroom). — Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY, “”Pretty In Pink” still shocks at 35 with changed ending: Andie chose rich Blane over poor Duckie,” 27 Feb. 2021 On a recent afternoon in Long Beach, Rhianna Alvarado struggled to don her protective gloves, which were too big for her petite hands. — Los Angeles Times, “Child caregivers often go it alone, and their ranks have swelled during the pandemic,” 18 Mar. 2021 Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) responded by blasting Austin officials and threatening to sue for defying a statewide moratorium on rules forcing Texans to don face coverings in public. — Washington Post, “Texas AG Ken Paxton attacks Austin mayor over mask mandate: ‘Maybe it’s oxygen deprivation from quintuple-masking’,” 11 Mar. 2021 When in New York City, Ms. Lubomirski is more likely to don a one-piece with a Norwegian pattern on it, a gift from her husband nine years ago, the hood of which can be zipped in a way that covers her entire face. — New York Times, “Everything’s Coming Up Cozy,” 19 Jan. 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Peter Gotti, the mafia boss who succeeded his infamous brother as the don of the Gambino crime family, died while serving a federal prison sentence, sources familiar with the matter said Thursday. — Kaelan Deese, Washington Examiner, “Peter Gotti, former Gambino crime family boss, dies in prison,” 26 Feb. 2021 Ma, a Harvard graduate, is as expansively bookish and as intellectually curious as any literary don. — New York Times, “Punctuated Poetry and Other Letters to the Editor,” 15 Jan. 2021 Helping his don his official robes were Larry Green, president of the St. Tammany Bar Association, and Donald Lee, a thành viên of the Washington Parish Bar Associations. — NOLA.com, “From the Files of The Farmer,” 15 Oct. 2020 Ashlin Parker is the don of the New Orleans Trumpet Mafia, a syndicate of local horn players playing jazz, hip-hop styles and more. — NOLA.com, “Trumpet Mafia, Pelicans and more on tap this week,” 10 Aug. 2020 Mounting a knackered horse and dragging a fat old farmer, Sancho, in his wake, the don declares undying love for an ordinary girl out of her depth. — Jeanette Winterson, New York Times, “Salman Rushdie Updates ‘Don Quixote’ for the Digital Age,” 3 Sep. 2019 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had long concluded there were insufficient benefits to recommend that the public don masks and that the practice risks diverting vital protective gear from front-line medical workers. — Rob Crilly, Washington Examiner, “Trump upends advice on using face masks even as he announces it,” 3 Apr. 2020 In Devs, Amaya is run by its CEO, Forest (Nick Offerman), who wears earthy flannels and dons an unkempt beard. — Adam Epstein, Quartz, “In “Devs,” creator Alex Garland sees Silicon Valley for what it really is,” 27 Mar. 2020 The lottery will open on Friday, April 24 at 8 am and close on Tuesday, April 28 at 8 pm—don “t worry, the sự kiện will have its dates set in stone by then. — Kelly Corbett, House Beautiful, “The Great Smoky Mountains Synchronous Firefly Sự kiện Is Back— Here”s What You Need to Know,” 6 Mar. 2020

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