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Alternatively, the listener might experience the juxtaposition simply as nội dung in its own right without the need to anticipate or resolve.
Unlike film, music has the capacity for simultaneous juxtaposition that similarly thwarts forward motion.
Despite the confusion of this collocation of viewpoints, one point emerges clearly from the juxtaposition.
Indeed, this can be seen to be the basis for the sequence”s powerfully ironic juxtaposition of different cultures, landscapes and textual geographies.
This also included the idea that the gesture be isolated to be recognised – usually by silence, though a clear juxtaposition of different material would suffice.
Widely circulating stories of covered young women wearing tight jeans beneath their modest outer garments is perhaps the most common version of this juxtaposition.
These passages of pastiche are interleaved with the more severe, serial music, creating abrupt and disorienting stylistic juxtapositions.
The first wave of commemorative activities between 1916 and 1923 was characterized by the juxtaposition of the official version and the testimony of combatants.
This breadth of coverage, however, brings with it in parts a curious juxtaposition in relation to disciplines and levels of analysis.

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This juxtaposition of stability and instability within the same repertory and even within the same piece is itself remarkable.
I was floored by the juxtaposition of the erudite symposium he had just attended with this disclosure.
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