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Học những từ các bạn cần tiếp xúc một cách tự tin.

(of an official group of people) to give approval to something, especially by voting to make it law:
an official document or ticket showing that you have the right to go somewhere or use a particular form of transport:
an occasion when someone reads through a text, especially in order to edit it (= make changes to it):
UK It”s come to a pretty pass (= it”s a bad situation) when you can”t even have a few quiet drinks with some friends.
to speak to or touch someone in a way that shows you would lượt thích to start a sexual relationship with them
to cause something to go around, across, through, etc., something else, or to be positioned in such a way:
In team sports played with a ball, if you pass, you throw, kick, or hit the ball to someone on your team.

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As the world”s largest convenience store chain, it just passed McDonald”s in the number of worldwide outlets.
pass the $1m/€100m/£10bn, etc. mark The company is expected to pass the $10m mark by the end of this year.
pass on sth Asked whether he thought the FA should intervene, he replied diplomatically: “Can I pass on this one?”
pass from sth to sth As new electronic gadgets fall in price, they pass from a niche product to a mass product.

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an official document or ticket which shows that you have the right to go somewhere or use a particular form of transport:
an annual/season/three-day pass Frequent visitors of national forests can save money by buying an annual pass.





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