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I am a third year undergraduate student in a four-year course. The last year my email signature was of the form:



This year however, I doubt whether using “junior year undergraduate” instead of “sophomore” would be right. Moreover, I and my classmates generally do not write “Class of” because the students around my area are enrolled in degrees of varying durations, which is quite confusing when the recipient wants to know how many years I have completed so far and how many years are left to complete my degree.

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asked Jul 2 “16 at 15:15


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Tom Smith,Junior, University of X

will be understood by anyone worth your attention to mean that you are in your junior year at the University of X.

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If there is anything ambiguous about the name of your school, so that the reader will not instantly recognize it as a school, then

Tom Smith,Junior-year student, XYZ

would be better.

You may be reluctant to use the word Junior because junior is so often used to mean “relatively lowly”, as in junior staff, junior faculty, junior associate, but again, anyone worth your time and attention knows that juniors are third year students.

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Obligatory Reference Wikipedia, junior, education

A junior is a student in their third year of study (generally referring to high school or college/university study). Juniors are considered upperclassman

To cover all the bases, if your e-mail sounds lượt thích you could be a junior in high school, you are in deep trouble. 🙂 I don”t think that is the case from the wording of your question.

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answered Jul 2 “16 at 20:44


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